Here’s my background by the numbers (subject to change except for the first two and a few random entries a ways down the list):

1 = wife – Julie (a solid team since 2002)
4 = kids – Helena (15), Carly (13), Jayce (10) and Zac (8)
6 = decades I’ve witnessed (also Dr. J’s uniform number as a Sixer)
3-14 = my Top Bass for 2019 (struggled to find some big bites)
7-3 = my personal best bass (9/2/09 Emiquon Preserve, Rapala DT6 crankbait)
12 = customary bass fishing test, mono all the way
18 = years of writing outdoor stories
52 = age equates to playing with a full deck
370 – blog postings through 2018 (blog launched May 1, 2017)
977 = outdoor postings prior to kicking off this stunt
2016 = Cubs win World Series (yes, a diehard)
3,000 = career hits for Roberto Clemente (just seeing if you are paying attention)
4,895 = bass logged 1997 thru 2018 (bass #5000 on for 2019?)
8675309 = Jenny’s number (dig my “old” tunes)
??? = lures in my tackleboxes (I use like a dozen of them)

Guess that sums up the introductory details.  By the way, get used to some data as I’m a stat guy and please humor me should I wander into a loosely related tangent from time to time.  Nice to meet you, welcome aboard.