2017 Resolution Result – Bama Bass

On the heels of my latest posting regarding a new Iowa bass best, here’s a similar record breaker quest that pertained to a lure instead of a location.

July 6, 2014 5:53am original Alabama Rig record, a whopping 11.5″ catch

“So for 2017, my resolution is to set a new Alabama rig personal best. As you can see from the above photo, size wise that ain’t a very tall order. However, from a confidence standpoint it could be a challenge in selecting this lure when I’m used to throwing something else. Yet I do have a handful of numbers lakes or off the beaten path fishing holes where I just might be able to pull off this proposed ‘record’ catch as the fish are either unpressured, dumb, or both.”

A couple looks at the bait, note that one hook is clipped to adhere to Illinois regulations of two hooks

Dateline: September 9, 2017 Knox County public strip mines


Tale of the tape was 13.5” and 1-1, not a trophy but darn fun to get this one done. Maybe for my next trick I’ll have to give it another go to see if I can fool two at once. Done that a few times over the years on other lures, but those are stories for another series stashed away for another day. Talk to you later. Troy

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