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“Every picture tells a story don’t it?” – Every Picture Tells a Story, Rod Stewart (1971)

The blog banner that scrolls across the top of this webpage consists of a half dozen panels that each contain five photos.

Perhaps you’ve taken a look.

If so, thanks for checking it out. It took some work to select the pics and they each say something important about my passion for the outdoors.

And they do it without any words.

Well, until now at least, as I kick off the second year of the “Blog Banner” series. This project will be similar to last year’s series where I detailed the scoop behind each of the 28 original pictures that graced the banner. That original blog banner ran from the May 1, 2017 kickoff of the website through July 30, 2018 when the current collection took over.

The original 28 pics were gathered from years past and I filled up the blog in February 2018 with the story behind each of those original pics. One for each day of the month, 28 pics, 28 days. But in the interest of taking things up a notch, as I like to do here, I wound up with a couple more pics than February days for the current blog banner. Throw in the fact that I’ve also gone and kicked off another “Friday Flashback” series and it looks like my blog banner posts are going to run into March. Hey, no problem, as open water is still a ways away around here with over a foot of snow on the ground and several recent sub-zero days. Yep, winter has got a pretty good grip on us so I might as well write to get my outdoor fix.

Today’s post is my invitation to stop on by for tales such as “Nature’s Ninjas”, “Twisted Sisters”, “Nemesis”, “Uncle Martin”, “Gaunt & Gone” and dozens more. My goal is to churn them out as regularly as I can amidst my real life responsibilities. After all, one mark of a good blog is regular content.

Folks, I’m good with that one as I do my best to stay regular. Hopefully you’ll find some quality reading in the posts to follow as opposed to, well, you know. Talk to you later. Troy

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