Blog Banner – Anticipation

“Takin’ my time, choosin’ my line, tryin’ to decide what to do.”

Walk Away – James Gang (1971)

You never know what lies ahead as you head to your fishing holes.

Today we conclude the series with a pic that to me is a visual representation of the beginning of every fishing trip. No matter terrestrial approach as displayed here or chasing those fish via watercraft, the concept is the same.

Before you venture into somewhere out there, there’s a degree of preparation and planning for what you feel may lie ahead. But in actuality, anything can happen which is all part of the fun.

But at the moment represented in our final pic, here frozen in time, hopes run high, the heart beats a little faster and a smile graces the face. The image still does all of those things as I sit here typing while letting my mind wander to thoughts of the next time I get to take that initial step into that world.

You know what’s funny?

Today’s title, lyric and feelings also apply each time I find myself in front of a clipboard or a keyboard.

Thus we conclude the “Blog Banner” series, thirty up and thirty down. An exercise in explaining what the outdoors means to me via some words behind the photos.

And what a journey it’s been.

From Alice Cooper to ZZ Top…Bigfoot to Martians…Joe Jackson to Jack-in-the-Pulpit…legends to one-hit wonders…Sister Sledge to Mr. Hand…tunes featuring the likes of Charlie Brown to Bela Lugosi… Blue Glimmer to Snow White Shad…Julius Caesar to Virgil Ward to Hank Parker… my family to The Addams Family…

All in the name of conveying the title and tagline that reside just above those 30 pictures that I call the Blog Banner.

I’m going to leave the current one around for the rest of the month before another change of blog scenery, thinking perhaps a bit more retro outdoor theme. We’ll see.

Of course, more stuff coming your way and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I get a chance to chase that first March bass. Talk to you later. Troy

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