Trapping Tuesday – 2012 Tailgates & Training

Over the years, the photo album has amassed quite a collection of pictures that fit the description of today’s title. This posting comes from 2012 and features one of several versions of “The Jackson Five” that trekked the trapline through the years.

What follows are excerpts from a pair of postings featured on a previous blogging gig.

From “Guest Trappers 2012”, originally posted on November 16, 2012:

“As I noted in my trapping post (“Ready, Set, Trap”) earlier this week, Dad and Brent have been joined by a handful of guest trappers this season. Well, here are a couple more of them who tagged along on November 7. My son Jayce (age 3) and my brother’s boy, Brady (age 4), got an opportunity to partake in their second year of trapping and had a good time. I got to tag along as photographer, videographer and documentarian and will now share a portion of what our fearless group of trappers found upon running their sets.

All told, the trappers caught 15 coons to go with the 20 from Opening Day. A solid start to another season not to mention more pictures, outdoor adventures and stories to tell.”

Brent, Jayce, Brady and Terry Jackson (aka Dad and Papa)

Continuing on with “More Than Trapping” from November 19, 2012:

“There’s definitely something cool about landing that four pound bass, catching a 60 pound beaver or accidentally hooking a muskie. I’ve got more than a few photos, log entries and blog postings of all that stuff that constitutes a fair portion of my memory book. However, the peripheral adventures with family and friends leave just as much of a mark whether you catch anything or not. A recent trapping outing for Dad, Brent and me with a couple little guys (my boy, Jayce, and Brent’s son, Brady) only reinforced this point and gave me a little glimpse into the future. I envision more than a few conversations as those boys get older that will start with something like ‘Do you remember that one time with Papa and your dad…?’

I certainly will and I hope that some of the words and photos that wind up accompanying those adventures will someday bring a smile or get the stories rolling.

For today, I’ll pass along a batch of those memories from November 7. I suppose the whole trip lasted maybe four hours but those boys more than got their money’s worth as did the ‘grownups.’

Not just about the fur as hedgeballs also provide an opportunity to goof around.

Another part of the “class” involves finding and identifying “sign”

Big trapper educating little trappers, just as he learned more than a few years ago

Our day started with the usual silliness on the road to Burger King in Monmouth where the boys chowed down and enjoyed further silliness that comes with being a kid (and not having your mom around, just kidding). The boys were pretty fired up about getting some stylish Super Mario BK crowns. As I wrote this, Jayce informed me that he was Mario and Brady was Luigi (or Weegie as Jayce puts it) for I hadn’t filed those particular details away. I do believe that at least one of the big people actually wore a crown for a bit as well but there was no camera present to verify. Anyway, after fueling up it was off to see what we’d caught.

I was very impressed with the boys as it was not what one would call balmy with low 40’s and a stiff wind. Not a single complaint though about being cold and both were eager to get out of the truck at each stop in order to goof around (and check a trap or two). I also could not believe that neither one of them fell asleep on the way home. One other trapper did, but hey, I need to find some rest whenever I can as naps have been slim pickings for like the last eight years or so.

And, speaking of naps, this classic shot features my boy, Jayce, relaxing on his “coon cot”

An enjoyable day on the trapline culminated with the customary back of the truck photo of the haul and lunch with Gamaw. What more could a guy, large or small, ask for?”

Plenty more “Trapping Tuesday” posts to come, along with whatever else I can muster. Talk to you later. Troy

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