Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Terry Jackson.

13 pictures today as that represents his number (and my favorite as well). This collection spanning the 70s to present conveys what an outdoor/fishing dad is all about. They leave little doubt as to why I kind of dig this fishing thing and go a long way to explaining why I’ve taken up this little corner of cyberspace. Just can’t beat “fish stories.”

1972 – Dad with Brent Jackson and a pair of quality farm pond bass

1980 – Camping and bankpoling with kids (left to right) Brenda Boyer-Cornell, Tara “Sis” Jackson (with Curious George), Thad “Bub” Jackson, Scott Boyer and grown ups (left to right) Kenny Boyer and Dad

1980s – Bankpole haul with Dad, Brent and Bub Jackson

1980s – Float trip catch with Brent Jackson and Dad

1980s – float trip catch with Dad and Brent Jackson

1994 – Bankpole catch from Pat’s Creek with Dad and Troy Jackson

2002 – Creek fishing at Pat’s Creek with Brent Jackson and Dad

2002 – Bankpole fishing at Pat’s Creek with Troy, Brent and Dad

2004 – Icefishing at Emstrom’s Pond with Troy Jackson, Tim Townsend and Dad

2010 – Lake Storey with Jayce Jackson (poor kid is wearing his sister’s or cousin’s life jacket), Troy Jackson and Dad

2012 – Lake Storey with Dad and Troy Jackson with a “double” emphasizing the “fun” and “foolishness” aspects that this website was founded upon


2013 – Lake Storey with Zac Jackson, Brent Jackson and Dad

2017 – Little John “Lake Lowdown” outing with Dad (click here for original posting)

Of course, this meager collection barely scratches the surface of the photo albums, tubs and baggies full of outdoor pics. And while I do believe that “a picture is worth a thousand words” I’ll just let the photos suffice for today.

Thanks, Dad, for getting me hooked. Talk to you later. Troy

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Lots of different looks there in terms of fitness, hairstyles (or hair period), grooming and attire (or lack). Funny that the pics once upon a time would have simply resided in the family albums to revisit from time to time. Now, some guy puts them out there on a blog for the world to see and they are out there for as long as this internet thing lasts I guess.

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