2018 Fishing Video Recap – Holy $^!%

(NOTE: Like all other posts, this is indeed family friendly, just having some fun with the title.)

There’s an interesting bunch of young YouTubers out there on the internet doing the fishing thing and I must admit that I do get a kick out of their ambition and some of their antics. However, I still cringe a bit when one of them drops some profanity as I am sure there are kids who follow as well, including some of mine.

Now, I know that my kids hear worse more often at school and they tell me so. It is what it is and I simply inform them that I don’t want to hear or hear of them using such language.

All good, right? Until this video clip from my nine year old boy, Jayce.


Okay, all in good fun, I can live with “Holy crap”, could be another synonym.

Overall, it’s just plain fun to see a kid take a liking to a hobby that has provided me with so many memories for so many years before he was even around and hopefully will keep on giving as he/we grow older.

Lots of stuff going on here, far too much to write about in detail and perhaps hard to put into words anyway. Things as simple as fresh air, ditching technology (well, except for a phone that records video) and father-son time all fit nicely into that “priceless” category.

As far as that boy’s language goes, there’s that old saying that “the apple don’t fall far from the tree.” Thank goodness that most of what’s in my head some days stays there instead of coming out of my mouth.

Seems that the old adage also applies in respect to that boy being a fisherman.

Heck yes and darn straight. Talk to you later. Troy

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