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15 Bass on The Hennepin Canal-Part I

Most folks my age and beyond likely recall singing along to an old ditty relating to navigating “Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal.” Such a place was far, far away to this midwestern grade schooler in the 1970s, and geographically it still is a ways away all of these years later. However, I do have a contemporary of the Erie Canal in my neck of the woods that I have been exploring since June of 2021. I’ll save the history and comparisons for another time, as what we are exploring today are some fishing highlights from last year.

I give you Part I of “Fifteen Bass on The Hennepin Canal”, a series of clips featuring catches from the historic waterway. My 2022 fishing on The Canal covered fifteen stretches of water as I divide The Canal into sections using roadways, tubes, locks, siphons, aqueducts, and bridges as dividers. This allows me to document my catches more precisely. More on all that some other time, as well.

For now, have a look at the first of two YouTube clips featuring video of one catch from each of the fifteen locations. Some stretches I fished only once, some several times, and some many times. The catches in the clips do not feature the largest bass from each section as the Top 5 Canal Bass deserve a post and video of their own.

Stay tuned for Part II featuring eight more catches from eight more stretches. Talk to you later. Troy

YouTube-Snakeden Spring Bass Fishing

Besides the blog, there is also a YouTube component to these outdoor adventures. The thing is, it is tough to keep up with editing and posting the footage. Therefore, today’s YouTube video link features a Snakeden Hollow outing from last March with my brother, Brent. I look at it like the fishing magazines and television programs. They often showcase tips and techniques that are month or so down the road rather than applicable to current weather and water conditions. So, you can consider today’s clip as a preview for presentations that can be used as spring approaches. To read the original fishing report from this trip click here. Talk to you later. Troy

YouTube Return

The triumphant return to posting YouTube videos is in full swing with a trifecta of submissions over the past week. At present, they are simply catching up on videos shot during the 2021 fishing year. The plan is to begin the 2022 video shoots soon but, in the meantime, stop by YouTube to check out the latest videos as well as the rest of the content on my channel.

The new YouTube content began with the clip below exploring the first bass of 2021.

Next up, was a clip featuring some classic crankbaits, the Rapala Shad Rap and Bomber Flat A, cranking up some quality bass with my brother, Brent. Brent’s Top Bass catch from this outing is definitely worth a look.

And the most recent post covers an odd early spring day of strip mine prowling. I don’t believe I have ever had a day where I landed such a quantity on these waters without a single one topping the 12” mark. Very weird. Several catches are featured in the video along with some other highlights.

Stay tuned for a look at 2022 fishing prep, a Top 5 Update on Monday, more YouTube videos and the first fishing report of the year. If you enjoy fishing, or just some guy rambling about random associated stuff, Troy Jackson Outdoors is the place to be.

Talk to you later. Troy

2019 Video Blooper Reel

Since receiving a GoPro in the summer of 2017, it has been a near constant companion when I hit the water. Along the way, I’ve compiled a solid amount of bass catching footage. In addition, I’ve missed a few catches due to a dead battery, not having the camera running or plain old operator error.

Of course, there’s also the inevitable goofs and gaffes along the way that wind up captured for posterity. A posterity that I now share with you as we take a look at the third annual “Blooper” post featuring clips from the 2019 season.


Hope you enjoyed some of the silliness and perhaps can relate to more than a few of the situations. With my 2020 season now underway, that means the start to another blooper reel is also off and running. Plenty of year to go and pile it up for the 2021 Blooper submission. In the meantime, stay tuned for the usual fare of Friday Flashbacks and fishing reports along with some new stuff for 2020. As the “Lyric of the Month” at the bottom of the page states. “More, more, more…” That’s my goal for 2020 as I look to take the blog and beyond to a new level. Talk to you later. Troy

2019 Fishing Recap Top 10 Vids-Part II

And without further delay, here are the Top 5 Video Highlight clips from 2019.

#5 – Fool in the Rain – 9/22/19


#4 – Outfished Again – 9/8/19


#3 – One-Eyed Bass Runner-Up – 7/27/19


#2 – Outfished Part II – 7/26/19


#1 – Snakeden Stud – 10/13/19


Now that was a fun run of videos if you ask me. And stay tuned as the fun continues with one more round of the 2019 warp-up, the blooper reel. Hope you’ll stop back for that post and then stick around as 2020 fishing is off and running. Talk to you later. Troy