Friday Flashback – February 1984











Folks, I said that I was going to take things up a notch for year two of the Friday Flashback series and here we go.

Nothing like kicking it off with Clark Griswold.

What in the heck does he have to do with an outdoor blog you might ask?

Well, I’m gonna tell you.

Today’s posts takes us back 35 years to a February icefishing outing in Warren County, Illinois. Somewhere out there between Berwick and Greenbush if you must know. An old farm pond that was a fishing and trapping destination for Dad and Uncle Dick for many years in the 70s and 80s. Many a muskrat, bluegill, crappie or bass were selectively harvested from its lilypad infested waters over the years. Only place I’ve ever seen an American Bittern too in regards to my birding life list.

Dad and Uncle Dick hauling them in on one of their old faithful fishing holes

On this outing Dad and Uncle Dick weren’t the only brothers enjoying the spot. This time around a couple high school kids got to tag along in me and my brother, Brent. Kind of cool that somebody packed a camera to shoot a few shots of these two pairs of brothers doing the outdoor thing.

Me and Brent (background) getting in on the action and a classic 1976 spring haul for Dad and Uncle Dick from the pond

The photos reveal the aforementioned lilypad growth in the background of a couple shots among other things. You see, this outing predates some of the high tech gear marketed to the icefishing crowd these days. No Vexilar electronics or shelters here folks. Just knowledgeable, experienced guides, a couple lawnchairs, five gallon buckets and even a step ladder for a seat. Cool to see the low tech, low budget roots that still guide my approach to this day.

Oh yeah, like most ponds, this one was named for the landowner/farmer.

A place called “Griswold’s Pond.”

And yep, the fellow’s name was Clark Griswold.

Talk to you later. Troy

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