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“And I wanna spend some time with you, just the two of us.”

Just the Two of Us – Grover Washington, Jr. with Bill Withers (1981) 

Father’s Day photo op – June 18, 2017

Hey, what do you know? Strange how this Blog Banner pic turned up on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not often that my wife, Julie, and I are together on the other side of a camera or phone. Actually, it’s kind of weird that I’m not holding a fish either, cake is good though.

At any rate, I dig this picture taken by one of our kids and hope that they all will dig it a little more as time marches on. A happy photo of their folks on a beautiful Father’s Day from a couple years ago. One day they will better understand just how tired those two smiling, relaxed people really are.

The lady from making hundreds of lunches for our kids every school year, washing and sorting thousands of socks, putting in full days teaching other children and then coming home to tend to her own. Knowing where everybody is supposed to be and getting them there as well as reminding me of my role so I don’t leave anybody stranded. Oh yeah, and this is all on maybe five hours of sleep, six if she is lucky.

As far as the guy in the photo, well, he’s tired too. In fact, on this particular day I was running on about four hours of sleep. Got to bed probably around midnight and back up at roughly 4:30am. The log says that I got my first bass at 6:15am on Lost Grove Lake…on a Booyah Buzzbait…measured 14.5”…weighed 1-9.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day and a big “Thank You” to my wife who takes care of all of those necessary things and lets me get away with some slacking to chase those crazy bass and have some alone time.

Alone time as a couple though is a rare commodity around here and today’s lyrics sum it up nicely from one of my favorite tunes of all-time. However, “Just the Two of Us” can sometimes be a bit of a paradox. Kind of how if got to be “Just the Six of Us”, you know.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Julie. Love you and talk to you later (if we can get in a word edgewise). Troy

5 thoughts on “Blog Banner – Dynamic Duo

  1. Hey Troy..
    Would like to connect with Terry and you again.
    You, your brother and father fished our family farm
    When you were in high school and I college.
    Outside of Macomb. Looks like things are well for you and family. Fish On……
    Blaine Atwater

    1. Remember it well, Blaine. Dad, Brent and I revisit those fish stories from time to time all these years later. Got a few pics from a couple trips that always bring smile. Many times on trips to my in-laws in Quincy over the years I have pondered the location of those fishing holes as we head west out of Macomb. Good to hear from you and I will drop you a line at the email in your comment a little later after hanging out with those other two guys this evening. No fishing tonight though but definitely some old fish stories when they hear that you were in touch. Talk to you later. Troy

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