Friday Flashback – April 26, 2014


Now this is when the Friday Flashbacks start to get more entertaining for me. Sure, it’s fun for me to reminisce about and revisit the old pics and log entries of some of my catches. But when I get to include a batch of fishing and outdoor companions, well, that just adds to the appeal in my book.

So, if you are sick of just seeing my smiling mug on Friday, hopefully the variety that heads your way as the Fridays continue to roll by will be just the cure.

This week features a Dad day with the kids at Little John Conservation Club.

Originally posted 5-2-14

An afternoon as a fishing guide/dad.

Last Saturday my wife, Julie, had some painting that she was working on around the house so it was my duty to get the kids out of the way.

Fishing sure sounds like a good fatherly sort of guided activity, right?

Anybody ever tried that one with an ambitious two year old, his four year old brother, seven year old sister and nine year old sister? It was a trip, but we all came through unscathed.

First up was bait which consists exclusively of waxworms when I fish with younger kids as they are bite-sized for bluegills and considerably less messy than dirt dwelling fish food. The gas station had them in stock but apparently they had been residing in the fridge for a while as close to half of each container was dead. As a result, I was able to talk the clerk into a two for the price of one deal and checked one task off my list.

Next up were five lunchboxes which Julie put together while I made sure we were rigged up with slip bobbers and had five poles in casting order. In addition to waxworms, slip bobbers are a must in my book as they allow small anglers to present their baits at just the right depth while less dangling line theoretically makes them a bit less dangerous while casting.

Of course, there was a stop on the way out of town for a drink and a treat at another gas station to help everyone survive the twenty minute trip without starving or dying of thirst. The nasty combination of soda pop, juice, beef jerky, chips and dip ran just over $25. I couldn’t help but recall the days where you just got gas at the full service station complete with a window wash and your folks paid cash to the attendant who dispensed change out of one of those cool coin changer belts.

All told we fished for maybe thirty minutes in the middle of some playground fun and a picnic supper followed by another brief visit to the playground.

The funny thing is I had the little guy, Zac, rigged up with only a casting weight in the interest of decreasing the odds of someone getting hooked. Well, Jayce and Helena thought that setup looked pretty good in terms of casting practice so they asked to go that route as well. In the end it was just Carly who was actually armed with hook and bait.

Zac proceeded to get repeatedly tangled in his line as he wasn’t quite getting the concept of reel the plug back in before attempting to cast back out. His superhero pole represented Superman but at one point would have been better suited to bear the markings of another comic book character. Aquaman would have been more fitting during a bout of frustration where he up and threw the whole setup into the lake. It was retrieved and time will tell in regards to any lingering effects (on both the pole and the little guy’s interest in fishing).

Jayce did a good job with his casting practice at one point launching his plug clear across a narrow chute into a tree branch roughly a dozen feet above the lake’s surface.  He also displayed a pretty good arm tossing rocks and raising the ire of his fishing sister who informed him that he needed to find a direction other than towards her bobber.

Helena was very impressive with her casting abilities as she fired her plug record distances out into the lake. She even put her tablet down for nearly the entire trip which I found almost equally as impressive.

Carly was our lone angler and came through for us with our solitary bluegill. Prior to her success she had wondered how “you and Uncle Brent catch so many big fish.” She even requested that I make a couple casts to try my luck but I came up empty. She was quick to point this out to her mother upon our return home, boasting that she had outfished Dad (if you read some of my reports you are aware that isn’t always hard to do).

Last Saturday also happened to be the eve of Carly’s First Communion and she had several questions, seeming more than a little nervous about the whole affair. However, after her catch she related that she had “asked God” to help her catch a fish and lo and behold it worked. I’m filing that one away for the next time I’m out in the midst of a cold front.

A good time was had by all and nobody fell in the lake so all was well. About the only moment of concern was some trepidation over using an outhouse but we got through it (I will spare you the details). Overall, it sure was good to get some fresh spring air and I love it that my kids feel right at home getting out of the house; must be doing at least something right along the way.


Okay, a little lengthy, but hey, what do you expect when talking about kids and fishing? Talk to you later. Troy

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