Emiquon Top 10 Pitfalls Revisited

(Note: please bear in mind that the following series of posts were originally composed in 2010 thus some of the specifics may have evolved, either for better or for worse.)

Kicking off the Emiquon at 10 celebration is the following introductory post to a series that I wrote during the second summer of Emiquon’s public access.

Originally posted 8-13-10

While The Emiquon Preserve has only been open to the angling public since April 20, 2009 and I’ve paid a grand total of eight visits, the spot has left quite an impression. As a result, I’ve decided to resort to the oft employed writing staple known as a “Top 10 List.” Following this Friday the 13th introductory post I intend to run down a list of “Emiquon’s Potential Pitfalls” over the course of the next couple weeks while working around some of my recurring items. Unlike many Top 10 lists, however, there is no particular order beyond what made sense in my head (thus there will be no accompanying drum roll sound effect as we near number one).

But, first things first if you happen to be unfamiliar with this relatively new and certainly unique Illinois fishing hole. The area was once a fertile and ecologically diverse Illinois River backwater until drained and converted to agricultural ground in the 1920’s. The Nature Conservancy began acquiring ground in the early 2000’s and eventually the now isolated lakebed was once again allowed to fill. The lake was stocked with a variety of fish species including largemouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, bluegill, walleye and even record class pumpkinseed sunfish (but those stories belong to someone else).

Well, the area opened to rave reviews for largemouth bass and I was fortunate enough to get a piece of the action on several occasions.

But “just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song, every rose has its thorn.”

Okay, while that’s the gist of the list I apologize for the bad Poison lyrics but sometimes I can’t help myself. If I haven’t lost you already, please stay tuned.

There you have it, the tease on what is coming your way over the next couple weeks worked in around Top 5 Updates, Friday Flashbacks and perhaps a fishing report if I’m lucky. Like usual, if you need a fishing fix stop on by. Talk to you later. Troy

2 thoughts on “Emiquon Top 10 Pitfalls Revisited

    1. Yep, never seen anything like it and guess it’s not quite the same…but we knew it was bound to happen. Got some good stories out of it though.

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