Top 5 Update

Hey, we’ve got something besides a green fish this week, one with whiskers. And a good one at that, equaling the largest catfish submitted to date. Both by the same young angler.

Weight: 13-0
Angler: Teagan Mills
Date: April 20
Location: Private pond
Angler Comments: Caught on 4-pound test
Top 5 Weight: 13-0

Congrats, Teagan on an impressive catch that definitely required some skill and patience on that light line. Looks like the area weather is headed for a pretty stable run of warm temps so here’s hoping those fish will finally be able to get their act together and let us fool some more. I encourage anyone out there to join the fun and send them my way at

The Emiquon at 10 celebration kicks off tomorrow, hope you’ll tune in. Talk to you later. Troy

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