Top 5 Update

Our leader continues to reel in some quality bass but it’s already a tall order for him to bump his weight as it takes a bass over four pounds to provide a boost. This one was darn close and in the interest of sharing pics and fish stories, always worth an update. I also have a note this week on some Banner Marsh video so read on.

Weight: 3-12
Angler: Jim Junk
Date: April 24
Location: Banner Marsh
Lure: Rapala Clackin’ Rap
Angler Comments: Nothing to cull but did manage this 3-12 while talking to a Conservation Officer.
Top 5 Weight: 20-13 (4-8,4-2,4-1,4-1,4-1)

First up, way to go Jim and thanks for keeping us afloat on Top 5 Updates. Last week I found that Jim wasn’t the only one taking a shot at that Fulton County fishing hole as noted below.

As I am always looking for some fish stories, I’ve found myself checking out a batch of YouTubers who chase some bass as their primary target. Trouble is, they are usually fishing in Texas or Florida or some other warmer clime where the bass come a little larger due to a more favorable year-round growing season.

But among the YouTubers I check out there’s a couple of fellows out on a cross country road trip they refer to as a “50 State Fishing Tour.” At present they are over 20 states into the project and just posted their Illinois outing. Originally they hinted that the destination would be Lake McMaster at Snakeden Hollow. I thought that was pretty cool as I first fished Lake McMaster back on July 1, 1987 several years before it was open to the public and a few years before it even got the name (shout out to my friend, Larry, who took me and Brent on an eye opening outing). Me, Dad and Brent have fished it since 1990 so I was looking forward to see how the guys did on our longtime stomping grounds.

However, they wound up shifting gears and hit Bass Pro Shops in Peoria before ultimately heading to Banner Marsh for some muskie fishing. Slightly disappointing but still rewarding to see them fish water that I have fished and where last Friday’s Flashback took place. I’ll leave it to you if you choose to check it out rather than being the spoiler alert guy. But for my two cents, some cool stuff at the link below from the SBFishingTV channel:

Emiquon Pitfalls continue tomorrow, hope you’ll tune in. Talk to you later. Troy

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