Embracing Winter-Sledding Vol. II

Unlike the gloom and doom forecast from two weekends ago that fortunately never came to pass, last weekend the weather folks were more on target. Rain, followed by freezing rain, followed by several inches of snow arrived as winter got its money’s worth. While it made for some treacherous travel, it also provided some quality conditions at the neighborhood sledding hill.

And sticking to the theme of embracing winter, a couple of the kids were pushing to get out and take advantage. That meant a Saturday morning trip to get in some fun before bone chilling temps arrived. What started as a mid-30s sunup would soon plummet into the single digits combined with high winds resulting in below zero wind temps.

Even so, the proper amount of bundling up allowed us to hang in there for over an hour. Me and our youngest sledder, Zac, were joined by big sister Carly on the slopes. All were troopers as the winds had pushed the windchill temps to near zero by the time we headed back home at noon.

Once again, we shot plenty of GoPro video during our outing as included below.

First up, some highlights…


And then there were the wipeouts…


I was pretty proud of our effort and dedication in getting outside during the less than comfortable conditions. In years prior, there is no way in heck I would have been out in that stuff. Thumbs up to the kids for pushing me to take them sledding and allowing us to not only make good on the winter embrace concept but also realize several of the 2020 Visions (namely Family, Video and Variety).

We’ll see what the rest of winter holds in store in terms of weather but I’d say we’ve already got our money’s worth of cold weather fun. In fact, a couple of us hit the slopes again today. Talk to you later. Troy

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