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2018 Fishing Video Recap – The Intros

Beginning in October of the 2018 season I took to recording intro videos on my drive to the fishing hole. Those intros primarily consisted of a mix of fishing forecasts, breakfast banter and trip tunes as I enjoyed the solitude of a solo ride.

During those rides, anything is possible and the anticipation runs high as you dream of what lies in store once you hit the water. Old stories are relived and the day’s gameplan is hashed out based on some of those old tales as well as the multitude of other variables that we anglers often overthink.

Nothing too serious in my pre-cast preludes though as the outdoor escapes are all about having fun and getting away from all of the serious stuff that goes along with being a grownup. But mixed in with the lightheartedness one can also find a dash of fishing know how and even some sentimentality. Both of those aspects go a long way towards explaining why I’ve spent the last seventeen years telling “fish stories” via the internet.

Two minute montage of my two cents en route to the fishing hole on several trips last fall.


The alliterative tagline for this latest internet venture reads “Fish, fur, family, friends, fun…and some foolishness” but it could just as easily offer up that the goal is to “educate, enlighten and entertain.” Hopefully the addition of the intro video feature on my outings provides at least a little of each of those last three items.

To date, the intro concept has been pretty basic with no cameraman, no script and no filter. Just turn the GoPro on and rattle off as it rattles along the dashboard with the bumps in the road. I am mindful to keep it contained these days however, as attention spans just ain’t what they used to be. Truth be known though, I believe that I could talk fishing all the way from the Quad Cities to the Knox County strip mines and back (the back part is a video clip for another day). Fortunately, for anyone who prefers the fishing over the rambling I’ve only got so much juice in the GoPro battery so I must conserve it just in case the bass decide to help me out.

Some of those instances are coming your way next as the recap continues. Talk to you later. Troy

2018 Fishing Video Recap

It looks like Winter is going to stick around for a while now that it has arrived, so what to do in terms of blogging?

Why, a 2018 Fishing Video recap sounds like a good idea so let’s start there.

Since I typically like to kick off a series of postings with a bit of an introduction, here we go.

Back in July of 2017 for birthday number 50, my family gave me a GoPro camera. I am a lucky fellow to have such a thoughtful wife (and kids) as it was a cool gift and something that I likely wouldn’t have purchased on my own as spending money is not my strong suit.

2017 Blooper Reel below to help set the tone for the videos coming your way the rest of the month.


As you can see from the revisit of the 2017 Blooper Reel, video has indeed been a fun addition to the fishing thing that I’ve been doing since I was a kid and this blogging thing that I’ve been doing since being a bigger kid. Throw in a smart “phone” for some added video and over the course of a year I wind up with a decent amount of footage.

Some of it even ends up fairly interesting and entertaining, if I say so myself. Now I certainly will not be mistaken for the latest internet video sensation but I’m sure having a good time preserving the adventures on “film” (yep, can’t get away from the old lingo).

The occasional new, yet rudimentary, editing tricks that I dabble in are far from the polished YouTubers and outdoor pros but for me that’s still much of the fun. And no scripts here, just some straight up reactions and rambles captured on a fishing trip.

So, as we close out the month let’s take a look at year two of the video age with a Top 10 of sorts along with a bonus bunch of bloopers to round out the 2018 video highlights. No particular countdown order beyond an intro montage to start and a recap montage to finish.

Hope you’ll tune in and talk to you later. Troy

Strip Mine Report 1/5/19


Tough just to find and reach some open water to even get started fishing

Okay, let’s get this detail out of the way.

I failed to catch a bass during my two hours of January fishing this past Saturday.

And now, on with the report anyway.

Afternoon temps were favorable and brought out a fellow fishing fool

Date: January 5, 2019
Location: Knox County, IL strip mines (first 3 frozen, one partially open)
Time: 1:45pm-3:45pm
Weather: Sunny/breezy to windy
Air Temp: 51F
Water Temp: no gauge
Totals: 0 bass
Strike King Rattlin’ Pro Model 3/8 oz. jig (green pumpkin) with Bass Pro Shops Triple Ripple Craw trailer (pepper frog hot orange)
Rapala Shad Rap (blue)
Strike King Red Eye Shad (sexy shad)

Notes and Nonsense

Hard Water – New Year’s Day reports of largely open water, relatively mild temps and some recent rain had my hopes up that all of my fishing holes would at least be partially accessible via boat. But as the clip below shows, my hopes were pretty much dashed.


Desperate Times – Open water about 50 feet from the frozen ramp was my only shot as I did not want to waste the hour drive and the rare shot at my January bass. My eight foot johnboat had to assume the role of icebreaker and even at 40 plus years old it was up to the task. The video below takes a look at the icy conditions that gripped most of the lake and how the afternoon sun and wind action began to loosen that grip a bit.


Antique Angling – That 40-year old boat gets hauled to the lake in a 21-year old truck whose driver side door no longer opens. This makes for some added fun for the 51-year old guy who drives it as explained in the following video (also features a further look at the lake conditions). Don’t know if the old and broke fishing niche is covered yet by the YouTube crowd so I may be onto something…stay tuned.


Hey, no fish but believe me, it’s just cool to be writing a firsthand fishing report this time of year even though I failed to get on the board. Most years I’ve still got a couple months to go before one of my lures gets a chance to hit open water so this was definitely a bonus opportunity. I was fortunate that I was afforded time to give it a go and you will never hear a complaint from this guy after going fishing. Excuses… maybe…


All is not lost either as I managed to get a “Top 10 Trip Tunes” list out of the adventure so don’t touch that dial. Talk to you later. Troy

2018 Fishing Recap – Partners

Another important piece of the 2018 recap takes a look at the folks who joined me in the boat or on the bank as we enjoyed a common hobby. I’ve spent a lot of time flying solo on the water in recent years, thus kind of getting used to the solitude. But it’s always refreshing to share time on the water with fishing buddies for many reasons.

It’s fun to shoot the breeze and swap fish stories new and old while creating another batch.

You can also teach those who are a bit less experienced or who are up for a new trick.

On the flipside, you can always learn something from observing a different approach or mindset as no two anglers are exactly alike and no one knows it all.

Two lures in the water looking to fool some fish are always better than one.

You’ve also got an assist in carrying/launching the boat and lugging gear.

I’ll leave it at that and let the video below of some 2018 catches cover the rest of today’s post.

Up tomorrow is what I consider a fitting year-end countdown. Then, as we enter the New Year, I am looking to put a wrap on the 2018 Top 5 project with a look at the final stats as well as the cumulative numbers from 2014-2018. From there who knows as I’ve got plenty of ideas but not always plenty of time. Talk to you later. Troy

Lake Storey Discussion and Preview

It’s been a busy last several days with a pair of visits to my “home” lake, Lake Storey in Knox County, Illinois. I’ve been fishing the lake since I was a little kid and have racked up more than a few stories over many years and many casts on the fishing hole.

The recent visits have been winners on a variety of levels and I’m really looking forward to passing along all the details. Kind of a time crunch as of late though with time on the water and time with family so the best I can do at present is a bit of a video recap. This one has already been out there on my Facebook page for a couple days so if you aren’t my “friend”, may be worth a request as there is additional content out there in addition to the blog.

I shot this brief wrap-up upon returning home after a wildly successful Friday outing with my brother, Brent. It is actually one of a series of video rambles on Lake Storey, some basic bass fishing stuff and a few bits of random assorted nonsense. It just gets kind of tough at times to review, compose, edit and submit all of the content around what is truly important.

Yes, I dedicate a decent amount of time to sharing fish stories and such but being a husband, Dad and co-breadwinner reside quite a bit higher up the priority list and trump fisherman, blogger and videographer. As such, here’s a quick hit as a tease to some of the recent developments that have taken place on the water. I hope to get the reports out next week and perhaps work in periodic video clips down the road as my fishing days are likely drawing to a close for 2018.


Thanks all for tuning in and right back at you tomorrow with a pretty cool Top 5 Update featuring some stellar Fall catches. Good luck out there, stay tuned and talk to you later. Troy

2017 Video Blooper Reel

Happy April Fools’ Day with a batch of clips compiled from the 2017 adventures of some fishing fools. You know, you can’t haul your video devices along on your fishing trips without coming back with some goofs to show for it. Here’s a final shout out to 2017 and yes, I’ve already got a start on the 2018 version as it don’t take long for somebody to get caught on camera.


Oh yeah, Happy Easter also as that is truly the more important of our two holidays today but just too hard to pass up this opportunity. Latest fishing report headed your way next week along with a couple projects, one old and one new, that I threw into the mix for the outing. Talk to you later. Troy

2017 Video #1 – Bad Break


You win some, you lose some.

And some that you lose sting a little more than others.

Gotta admit that this one stung for a while.

Makes it even worse that it was caught on video so I can relive it over and over again if I so choose.

I have so chosen and you know, it’s really kind of a cool strike, especially in slow motion. It gives me some extra time to analyze the incident and assess what I could have done differently to land this boatside blast from a bass in the 4 to 5 pound range. I actually got a great split second view of the fish in the last couple feet of the retrieve as it chased down and struck the bait. Kind of weird there too as that brief instant also seemed to have a slow motion feel to it. However, it did not last long before reality shifted back to full speed and the fish and my buzzbait were gone.

Slow motion version of the clip

In regards to what I could have done to land the fish, I guess one potential item would involve having my drag set a little looser thus potentially allowing the fish to run. Tough call on this one as my drag was pretty well dialed in for a typical strike whereas a strike with only a couple feet of line out is a whole different ballgame.

A second possibility would have been to disengage my reel and thumb it in free spool as the fish charged off with the bait. I’ve actually done this with success on a couple boatside muskie strikes but must admit that those were nowhere near as vicious and sudden as this bass strike thus providing an extra fraction of a second for those motor skills to instinctively kick in.

A final possible route to success would be to switch my allegiance from monofilament line to some sort of braid or super line. Not gonna happen in the near future, if ever, as I’ve been there and they just didn’t suit me. Besides, my good, old Trilene 12-pound test has come out on top versus muskies pushing 20-pounds, walleye over 10 pounds and just a few big bass. Plain and simple, I’ll put my money on my experience and low budget gear over pricey superlines any day of the week.

In the end, this one just wasn’t meant to be and while I was disappointed at the time, I eventually got over it. I can watch this video and simply appreciate the power of the freight train like strike of this fish and admit that it got the best of me on this day. My main concern in looking back on the bad break is that the bass was able to dislodge the lure, go about its business and live to make another mistake. Hopefully, just a little farther away from the boat.

One last time in super slow motion and yes, it still gets away

This concludes my 2017 Top 10 Video countdown, appreciate anyone who has taken the time to tune in. However, I do have one more video compilation up tomorrow in light of the holiday. April Fools’ Day, that is. Talk to you later. Troy

2017 Video #2 – Called Shot

To coincide with today being Opening Day for the 2018 Major League Baseball season I’m going with a “called shot.” Not quite as epic as the legendary Babe Ruth prediction from the 1932 World Series but a called shot nonetheless.

And with one big difference.

There’s no dispute on my called shot as it’s all right here on video and audio. Of course, you can do some pretty creative stuff with software these days but those techniques are still above my editing level. Maybe someday, though.

In contrast, there remains some debate on The Babe’s feat. While video of the at bat indeed shows some sort of gesture it just depends on whose version of the story you buy as to whether it was truly Ruth pointing to where he would then hit a mammoth home run. Makes for one heck of a story and I’m all about those so I’ll buy it hook, line and sinker.

My called shot took place on a remote Knox County, IL strip mine with the bass falling to a Strike King KVD 2.5 Rattling Squarebill crankbait. I wound up with four bass on this lure and it was fun to have this one on video as it decided to strike right as I was describing where the bite should occur.


If you’ve fished long enough it is likely that you can relate to such predictions coming through in a fishy looking spot. You know, one of those can’t miss spots that experience and instinct prompt you to say, “There should be one here.” A well placed cast, a couple turns of the reel and bang, right on cue, you’ve got your bite. Happens plenty of times and those seem to be the ones that you remember. But, of course, whether human nature or just the nature of those who fish, we lose count of all of these sorts of called shots that just don’t materialize.

There’s no story on those failed predictions that are simply cast, reel in and cast again so not surprisingly they all fall by the wayside. Kind of edited out of the memory just as I edit out all of the uneventful footage from the GoPro sessions. For instance, a few of the clips in this Top 10 project are a part of six or eight minutes worth of footage that get whittled down to the 30 seconds or so where something actually happens.

But every once in a while you get some feedback right of the bat which I guess could also qualify as a sort of called shot. After all, why bother turning on the camera if you aren’t expecting to catch something. Below is a bonus “called shot” clip from earlier the same day that features a changeup in presentation from a Senko wacky rig to a crankbait that was met with some immediate results.


Always fun on the water and cool to have some video these days as a reminder that every once in a while you get it dialed in and make it work just like it does on television. Talk to you later. Troy

2017 Video #3 – No Lip

You ever see one of those fancy bass tourneys where the anglers dig around in the livewell to fill their bag for the weigh-in and triumphantly thrust their largest catch into the air triggering the adulation of thousands of fans?

Well, this wasn’t quite like that.

For one thing, we were bluegill fishing. For another thing, we had just pulled the boat out of the lake via a gravel and grass boat ramp. And, oh yeah, there wasn’t another soul in sight for our fishing trip finale and video shoot.

Nope, this was a pretty low key affair but with a couple high energy young anglers in tow and some high strung bluegill in the livewell it got rather exciting. You see, fishing some feisty, slimy bluegills out of a partially drained livewell can present a challenge as they don’t quite have the handy handle like a largemouth bass lip. Even with little hands it still not a lot to grasp.

And here’s the kicker, this particular bluegill had a rough time when getting unhooked sustaining some considerable damage to its lip. As a result, Jayce and Zac had taken to referring to this particular catch as “No Lip.”

Well, when old “No Lip” was snatched from the livewell it appeared as if he was in the mood to get a little revenge. As Papa notes in the video, those bluegill have some pretty stiff fins that can inflict a bit of pain or even draw blood if they get you good while flopping around. And in Jayce’s case in this clip, there was more than the typical finger stick at stake. Let’s just say a bit more tender.


We all continue to get a laugh from this video at the expense of that poor bluegill. Just gets you tickled to hear a kid so excited and even better when that excitement arises from the hijinks on a fishing trip. Talk to you later. Troy