Resolution – Stupid Stunt

I figure I gotta do these while I still can, right?

Ah, yes, the stupid fishing stunt.

Pulled more than a few of these over the years including last year’s mosquito infested walk.  But, as noted in the recent “Spring Stroll” posting, enough time has passed and a successful start to the fishing season has me fired up to try another hare-brained idea to land some bass.

The targets for this adventure are a pair of lakes that lie well off the beaten path at some public walk-in strip mine ground.  My last casts into these waters was over ten years ago when I landed two dozen bass in two and a half hours in September 2006.  Quantity was an upside but quality left something to be desired with the best just over a pound and a half.  Another downside was access as the 2006 trip found me crawling on all fours through a tangle of brush with several fishing poles and too much tackle while trying to find a suitable spot to cross a substantial patch of swamp and return to my truck in the impending darkness.

Yet, I always suspected that there had to be some better fish in these out of the way and unpressured spots.  It was just a matter of willingness to mount a return expedition in hopes of finding an alternate route into the somewhat “unknown” as opposed to sticking with tried, true and easier to access fishing holes.

Fast forward to a report I received last year from a fellow fishing fool which confirmed some quality fish and the wheels started turning.  However, I must add that his report also emphasized that the trek in and out pretty much stunk.  But in between there was some pretty solid catching.

So, I’ve resolved to go for it as that now or never point looms ever closer on the horizon.  I ain’t old but I also ain’t getting no younger so I figure that I’ll tackle it now while my mind and body seem to be in agreement on the ability to complete such a task.  However, a noteworthy aspect of this stunt is that the whole standard “get back in shape” resolution for 2017 never materialized (had some M&Ms and a few beers as I wrote this, in fact).  Oh well, perhaps those vices just enhance the dumbness of this bright idea.  Stay tuned as I still have to talk my much brighter and younger brother into assisting.  Talk to you later.  Troy



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