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Figured that the Blog Banner needed to include a fishing lure and tough to beat the classic black and blue jig and pig. In fact, it was included in a 10-part series that I posted back in February 2012 at a previous blogging gig. That series was entitled “Legendary Lures” and featured ten lures that had left a lasting impression over nearly 30 years of chasing fish up to that point.

Within these boxes are many “Legendary Lures”

For any angler, those lures and baits are the tools of the trade whether filling a photo album or a frying pan and the options just keep on growing. As has my tackle collection over the years via updating or expanding on old favorites or being unable to resist the urge to join the club when the latest “can’t miss” baits hit the market.

Boy, I could go on and on about lures.

And I have before with a 12 part series on the crazy world of lure color options…

And a batch of yearly lure result wrap-ups…

And Christmas lure wish lists…

And an exploration of information sharing concerning lures…

So, whether or not I qualify as a fishing writer, I no doubt have the chops when it comes to being a fisherman. I can ramble with the best of them.

And before I end this one, how about a few pics to reinforce my selection of the black and blue jig and pig as the Blog Banner representative for those favorite tools that call our tackleboxes home.

Folks, the above catches only scratch the surface of black and blue jig and pig success

One final note, now is prime time in our neck of the woods to put this one to work. Talk to you later. Troy

One thought on “Blog Banner – Legendary Lure

  1. This is Tom Anderson–David and Kyle Anderson’s father. Kyle and I have taken a few fishing trips–the father son two day trip and have enjoyed it as you would expect. Here’s the question–if we give you several dates is there any chance you would be a guide on a bass fishing day? I’m retired and Kyle teaches and is between terms in early to mid-May. Week days would be preferable. So the general question is do you do this kind of thing? Secondly are you likely to be available for a week day in early to mid-May?
    Tom Anderson

    P.S. David doesn’t understand fishing…

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