2017 Video #10 – First Cast Bass

I’m going to take the suspense out of the video that leads off the countdown if you happen to read this before you click the clip. What you are about to see (or have already clicked on here or Facebook) is a 10” bass.

Now you see, I’ve come to realize over the years that it’s not just the size of the fish that makes for a memorable catch. In addition to the length or weight, you’ve got to consider the circumstances in assessing whether or not that fish is gonna stick in your head or have the starring role in a fish story.

Or, in the case of this project that draws on the offerings of modern technology, whether the video clip finds its way onto the external hard drive and possibly the internet or simply winds up in the Recycle Bin.


This one wound up a winner for the reasons described in my video commentary which are also repeated below.

How often do you catch a bass on your first cast?

On your birthday (#50 to boot)?

On a topwater bait for added visual appeal?

On the first time you punched record on a fishing trip with your brand new GoPro?

Yep, a winner on all accounts.

Actual log entry for the catch minus a few location details though

If you’ve taken the time to tune into any of the stuff I’ve written here on the website or the collection of postings at other locations over the years, it should be apparent that I just flat out like to talk fishing (some may even say ramble about fishing). And today’s submission fits that habit perfectly, a little bass that makes for a big fish story. In fact, it was the smallest bass that I caught among the eleven bass landed on the roughly five hour outing that included a Top Bass of 3-8.

Speaking of that Top Bass, it didn’t make the Top 10 video cut for a couple reasons but I thought that if would be fun to add a little bonus footage to some of these countdown postings along the way. So here’s a quick look at that catch as well, kind of abbreviated as wouldn’t you know, I forgot to start the camera until after I set the hook on the biggest bass of the day. Go figure, but at least I was able to scramble and get some footage of the fight.


So, the countdown is off and running and while the video is a cool addition, there’s always more to the whole story. And as the stories continue through the countdown, there’s actually some fishing knowledge to be learned along the way (like don’t forget to turn on your GoPro, right). In fact, a couple of those fishing tips are headed your way with tomorrow’s clip. Hope you’ll stop by for a look and a lesson. Talk to you later. Troy

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