2017 Video Countdown

Last July, my wife, Julie, gave me a GoPro camera for birthday #50. I’d looked around at them plenty of times but never pulled the trigger on getting one. After kicking off the website last May, it also occurred to me that it would be fun to incorporate some video at some point. I’d also started tuning into a handful of fishing vloggers on YouTube about the time that I launched the website, further convincing myself that video could be a solid addition.

Over the course of last year’s fishing I compiled a fair amount of footage including a handful of clips that have already made an appearance here on the blog. Well, as the final part of my 2017 wrap-up I’m going with a video countdown. From the intro below through the rest of the month I will pass along a Top 10 video countdown compiled from GoPro and iPhone video shot in 2017.

Mind you, I am still getting my feet wet on the whole video shooting and editing stuff so bear with me on some things like wind noise, lame commentary and brief bits of rather empty frame. But hey, I can’t afford a camera operator yet and they wouldn’t fit in the boat with me anyway, so I get what I get.

The Top 10 Video Countdown starts tomorrow and the hits keep coming for the rest of the month. Hope you’ll tune in and talk to you later. Troy

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