2017 Video #5 – Bass, Bass, Bass!

Kids are cool.

Bass are cool.

Kids and bass are…well, check out the video.


I’ll admit it can be a challenge teaching kids to fish but memories like this serve to reinforce that it’s well worth it. All of the pulling lures out of trees, “stand back so you don’t get hooked”, “really, it’s okay to pee over there, nobody will see you”, “you don’t need hand sanitizer…” and so on fade away when that bobber goes under.

And it’s fun as a grownup to realize that sometimes you aren’t so far removed from being a kid yourself. Listening to Jayce holler, “Bass, bass, bass” got me to thinking about that little voice in my head that involuntarily starts in with the same mantra once I’ve set the hook.

Never really thought about that before and that’s another aspect of this whole video thing that has been fun while also providing an opportunity for more than a few laughs with the advent of more user friendly recording.

We’re not the big boys, we don’t have a script and any catchphrases that may be spouted out on a regular basis are just the natural reaction to the simple joy of fooling a fish. As a grown up it’s kind of weird sitting all alone in a boat or balancing on a spoilbank while trying to provide the “viewers” with a feel for what you’ve got going on. But throw in a hookset met with some scaly resistance from the other end and a sort of verbal auto pilot feature kicks in. A reaction that goes back as long as I’ve fished, another thing that I never really consciously thought about. I’ve been talking to the fish for years, seems a natural part of the pursuit. Just takes a bit of getting used to when you see it on video.

Which brings me back to the joy of observing kids fishing or hanging with kids in general. Imagination and silliness typically run high even for a fellow like Jayce who is more than a bit reserved in most situations. Thus, it’s a treat to see the goofiness and excitement come pouring out while he’s sharing a common interest with a guy who just so happens to resemble a bigger version of that kid.

Before I sign off, here’s a bonus video from the same day on the water.  It serves to show that kids also learn other valuable fishing skills from their mentors beyond casting and reeling.  And yes, not surprisingly, I learned this one from Jayce’s Papa.


Here’s to more “bass, bass, bass”, “bluegill, bluegill, bluegill” and hopefully one of his 2018 goals of “catfish, catfish, catfish.” Talk to you later. Troy

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