Friday Flashback – June 6, 2003

How many times have I told you that I am glad that I took to documenting outdoor adventures via the modern equivalent of a journal?

At least a couple, and I mean it. How fun is it to look back in time and get another smile, chuckle or head shake out of some details that are long gone from the memory?  Sure the big fish or weird catch sticks with you but it’s all the little details that really make the writing worthwhile.  Throw in the photo album and some video these days and you’ve got a winning combination.

For example, the words and pics for today’s flashback come courtesy of the original report submitted to family and friends back on June 10, 2003.

Pat’s Creek with Dad on 6/6/03

Weather – Despite the weatherman predicting rain, we went fishing, spending around four hours in the creek.  Part of the time it rained, the rest of the time it rained harder.

Tips – Wait to see if anyone is injured before laughing.  I’ve learned this one over the years and was able to chuckle after Dad slid down the bank into the creek.

Hygiene – Always clip your fingernails before creek fishing.  Dad and I were on the same wavelength.  He mentioned it in the middle of the creek and I was on the same page.  We left no room for grit (the subtle things you learn from Dad…)

Boots – Smart enough to check for a matching pair.  Not smart enough to check for holes.  With a knee-high hole in one of my hipboots, I might as well have worn sandals.

Bites – Numerous fish with a handful of hookups, but the rain limits mosquitoes and biting flies.

Monsoons – Rivals Beefy’s Monsoon of 2001.  But, that’s another story…which may be another article…possibly concerning my penchant for “another story”

Species contest – Dad wins again 2 to 1 (5 channel catfish/1 carp versus 1 channel catfish)

Record Book – Dad (Channel Catfish 3-9 and Carp 5-12)

So, have you started your own outdoor or fishing journal yet?  Years down the road, you’ll be glad you did.  Talk to you later.  Troy

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