2018 Fishing Recap – Partners

Another important piece of the 2018 recap takes a look at the folks who joined me in the boat or on the bank as we enjoyed a common hobby. I’ve spent a lot of time flying solo on the water in recent years, thus kind of getting used to the solitude. But it’s always refreshing to share time on the water with fishing buddies for many reasons.

It’s fun to shoot the breeze and swap fish stories new and old while creating another batch.

You can also teach those who are a bit less experienced or who are up for a new trick.

On the flipside, you can always learn something from observing a different approach or mindset as no two anglers are exactly alike and no one knows it all.

Two lures in the water looking to fool some fish are always better than one.

You’ve also got an assist in carrying/launching the boat and lugging gear.

I’ll leave it at that and let the video below of some 2018 catches cover the rest of today’s post.

Up tomorrow is what I consider a fitting year-end countdown. Then, as we enter the New Year, I am looking to put a wrap on the 2018 Top 5 project with a look at the final stats as well as the cumulative numbers from 2014-2018. From there who knows as I’ve got plenty of ideas but not always plenty of time. Talk to you later. Troy

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