2018 Fishing Video Recap – Windy

If you’ve hung around the website for a bit you are familiar with the fondness that I have for rock and pop music. With fifty years or so of tunes bouncing around in my brain, I pretty much have a lyric for every situation. As such it is commonplace for me to find that the media player in my head is playing a tune that reflects the conditions, the day’s events or my general state of mind.

For 2019 there were several instances when The Association’s “Windy” was on repeat as the weather conditions seemed like a broken record. When rowing around the strip mines I had to put the anchor to frequent use. While prowling on foot I found myself pummeled by ash from a recent controlled burn and even washed by spray off of the water during an extremely blustery day.

Those conditions really do a number on my rather basic video/audio setup as they ruin the sound and really make it rather unbearable to view without some editing work. But for this post I’ve left it as is so you can get a bit of a feel, minus the potential windchill effect though.


Of course, there are two sides to every story and as fellow anglers know, wind can also be your friend. It can help to position the bass and sometimes get them stacked up pretty good on a solid structural element when the wind hits it just right. As proof, one of the trips in the clips was a solo April outing that produced 60 bass in six hours of hiking.

So, in the end, wind is just another piece of the fishing puzzle that you must put together to find some bites. And if you’re compiling some video along the way there’s always a voiceover or windscreen option to save the ears of your listeners. Talk to you later. Troy

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