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“Lights out, aha, blast, blast, blast!”

Lights Out – Peter Wolf (1984)

(Note: this fun solo effort from the onetime J. Geils Band frontman is kind of a lost cut and I would also recommend checking out the entertaining video for his 1987 tune “Come As You Are”)

Booyah Buzz Buzzbait in the Snow White Shad pattern

blast (verb) – to attack vigorously

blast (noun) – an explosion or violent detonation

blast (noun) – an enjoyably exciting experience, event or occasion

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Well, wait a minute. I guess I need to check out one more definition.

Booyah (exclamation) – used to express triumph or exuberance

Yeah, that also fits the bill on a buzzbait catch.

Being an amateur scribe, I don’t get compensated to pitch anything but Booyah if you are out there…

Anyway, I buy these off the rack just like most of us fishing folk. For my money they are just right as the price is reasonable for one thing. Many places you can find them for under $5 and after a couple good strikes I’d say the bait has returned your investment. Of course, they last much longer but the rest is just icing on the cake.

The second aspect that is a winner is the fairly brainless nature of a buzzbait retrieve. Now you’ve got to be tossing it in the right places but once you identify such locations it’s basically cast it out, reel it in and get comfortable on the edge of your seat.

A few quick tips though before I let you go.

I find that a longer rod is a must to get the most effect and distance out of your casts (I use a 7’ Medium Heavy/Fast Action model). I want to throw it as far as I can around those fishy looking spots in order that it makes as much commotion for as long as it can on the way back to the boat or bank.

A high gear ratio reel helps to keep the bait moving and picks up slack in a hurry to begin the retrieve once the bait hits the water. I only use a 6.2:1 so could definitely step it up to ease the workout but it is what I’ve got and I make do just fine.

Final note, don’t set the hook when you see the strike but wait that split second to feel the fish. Easier said than done and takes some practice.

While we won’t be tossing buzzbaits anytime soon around here I thought this post provided a good opportunity to educate beyond the earlier vocabulary lesson. The education aspect is a feature that I hope to delve into a bit more as 2019 progresses.

Okay, four more of these Blog Banner posts to go along with the regular Friday Flashback. Looks like I just might complete this project after all. Talk to you later. Troy

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