Top 5 Update – “Winter” Bass

Okay, so the title is a little misleading as we still have over a month of fall remaining but it sure has felt like winter as of late. Today’s submission provides a little visual proof of the wintry conditions that have arrived much too early.

Last Thursday I got a text and the picture below from Jim Junk and simply couldn’t resist passing them along. While it wasn’t quite the five-pounder he needs to boost his total (yep, I’m a little envious), it was a quality cold water mid-November bass and that’s a solid accomplishment.

Angler: Jim Junk
Date: November 14
Location: Banner Marsh
Lure: Chatterbait
Structure: Channel/weed edge
Angler Comments: Bass hit a chatterbait. Throwing it over some remaining weeds into a rather deep channel. Hit as retrieve was approaching weeds.
Top 5 Weight: 24-14 (5-3,5-1,5-0,4-14,4-12)

That backdrop and the gloved hand were just too good to pass up. Definitely not the easiest time of the year to fool a lethargic bass but it can still be done. Takes some work and some know how, fun to see an angler extending the year as long as he can. Time will tell if this is the end of the 2019 Top 5 Updates as the area waters are already beginning to ice up. Stay tuned and talk to you later. Troy

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