Lucky Shirt Intro

So, I’ve got plenty of concepts, from silly to somewhat serious, bouncing around upstairs, jotted down in binders or noted on my phone. These ideas are in quite various stages of ever seeing the light of day, if some ever do at all.

I actually kicked off one of them last year but never got around to truly launching in the form of a blog series. It’s something that I am calling the “Lucky Shirt” project.

For years, I have pretty much worn the same outdoor attire just because that’s what I do. My wardrobe essentially consists of work clothes (collared shirt and slacks or jeans) and not work clothes (t-shirts and jeans or camo pants). Sweatshirts cover both roles with the older ones used for the not work portion.

Speaking of sweatshirts, a few green versions have been popular for fishing and other outdoor pursuits for many years.


Anyway, after a successful weight loss challenge at work in mid-2019, I decided to dig out an old batch of t-shirts that had been packed away. And, what do know, they all fit again.

As a result, I not only had a new batch of fishing shirts but also a new blog idea.

Last summer, I actually put the concept into practice but it kind of fell through the cracks. Thus, it is time to chip away at the posts that have been waiting in the wings as well as continue the project in 2020 with a new old shirt for every trip.


Just like every picture tells a story, every one of these old shirts also has a story to tell. As the project proceeds, you’ll get the stories and the stats. Perhaps, along the way I’ll luck into a “lucky” shirt to expand my standard fishing wardrobe.

I guess that’s the best I have for an explanation for the lucky fishing shirt posts that will periodically appear here on the blog. Stay tuned and talk to you later. Troy

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