Happy Birthday, Zac

The July birthday parade edges closer to its conclusion with birthday wishes to our little man, Zac, who turns 7 today.

Sharp as a tack, very entertaining and a perfect fit for the youngest of the bunch.

And…he certainly knows how to play that card.

Good looking fella, too, really knows how to sport a fishing hat. Could make a guy who’s just a bit older version of that kid a little envious. But hey, I look at it as being at least partly responsible for his rugged good looks.

Also thought about blanking out the bottom part of his shirt in this photo and letting his siblings post what they think would fit in place of “Champ” in “Mommy’s Little Champ.”  But, I want to keep it family friendly and a friendly family so will just leave it to the imagination.

Happy Birthday, Little Z, and love you. Talk to you later. Dad

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