Fourth Day of Christmas

…four kids all fishing,
three weeks of winter,
two Northerner boots,
and one transistor radio.

Sadly, it’s been a while since we’ve had a scene similar to the photo above with our crew lining the bank of a fishing hole. Life just gets crazy busy as this bunch gets older and begins to explore other activities looking to find what suits them. And during this past year those fishing poles wound up taking a backseat to a lot of other stuff.


Helena spent the beginning of her freshman year wielding a flag in the United Township High School Color Guard instead of her Lady Shakespeare rod and reel combo. Well done too, in earning the “Rookie of the Year” award from her coach.


Carly does her work with a volleyball or on an oboe much more so than the Abu Garcia Ike spinning combo she picked out a couple years ago. And the oboe work for the Glenview Middle School Band has paid off to the tune of Illinois Music Education Association All District Honors.


Jayce is just a few short months from his rod and reel gripping hands being considered “lethal weapons” as the old saying goes. His Tae Kwon Do black belt hangs in the All Family ATA studio as an impressive reminder each day as he reports for lessons.


Zac spent the summer working on hitting some liners instead of casting a line and this winter it’s basketballs over bobbers as he hits the hardwood. The kid gets rich too in earning five bucks a game when Papa shows up (rarely misses a game and just for a 1970s and 80s comparison I actually had to get a hit to earn a quarter from my Papa).

Julie and I are behind them all the way regardless of how these interests pan out and it keeps us rather busy. During the rare free time though we do make an effort to get everybody out in the wild for some fresh air. I guess we just need to make a note to seek out more spots with some water and pack along some poles. Talk to you later. Troy

2 thoughts on “Fourth Day of Christmas

  1. Troy, if I were you, I’d get Zac an agent, ( maybe Scott Boras ) and have him hold out for $10.00 a hit from Papa, then settle for $7.50 and a candy bar! The kids look great! Happy Holidays and a great New Year. K.O.

    1. Good to hear from you. Spoke to Boras’ people after the season and they said he was busy with some guy named Harper. They asked if Zac was related to Bo or Reg-gie and I said “No” then they hung up on me. Thanks for the comment, rewarding to know someone is out there. Happy Holidays and New Year to you and yours as well. Talk to you later. TJ

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