Happy Birthday, Blog!

Who doesn’t like a birthday party?

To celebrate two years of troyjacksonoutdoors.com I’m unveiling a new blog banner with a “two” theme.

Two people, two fish, sometimes both in the same picture.

The thirty photos cover over 40 years of enjoying the outdoors spanning from 1971 to just a few years ago. Of course, each of the pics have a story, perhaps a blog series idea for 2020…

Of course, what would a milestone date be without a few of my good, old stats?

730 days

466 posts

Over 1,500 pictures

More than 60 firsthand fishing reports

Nearly 250 fish from almost 60 Top 5 Updates

Dozens of video clips

And how about Bigfoot, Rusty Staub, hot sauce, Leo Sayer, Bombo Rivera, Neil Sedaka, Buzz Capra, Super Sonic Burritos, The Meg, Yosh Kawano, Dick Butkus, OSO Lures, Dr. Hook, Shoe Goo and so much more.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, we now enter the “Terrible Twos” for this rambling project.

Who knows what’s in store? Not even me to a certain extent but that’s all part of the fun.

As Joe Walsh aptly sang, “They say I’m crazy but I have a good time.” Hey, that guy has made a few appearances on the blog too!

Talk to you later. Troy

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