Camping – 27 Hours in 3 Minutes

Last weekend we got in our first camping trip of the year. Actually it was the first camping trip in three years. Obviously, 2020 has been quite strange. So strange that most folks couldn’t even go camping unless they had a secluded spot. And even that possibility for us had some limitations. But with an ease in opening up some amenities (read pit toilets), we were off and running as our weekends are quite free as of late.

Rather than a ramble, I’m opting for a video and slideshow recap of our chance to get away from home.


A good time was had by all. So much so that plans are in the works to do it again soon. Talk to you later. Troy

3 thoughts on “Camping – 27 Hours in 3 Minutes

    1. We were commenting that the logistics are getting easier as our bunch gets more self-sufficient. Plenty of help for set up and tear down and no pack and play, diaper bags, bottles, car seats…

  1. Hey Griswolds, look out here come the Jacksons. How about a full length movie of “Camping Vacation”!? Then the sequel “Fishing Vacation”, “Strip Mines Vacation”, “Flashback Friday Vacation” – well you catch my drift. Chevy Chase would be proud! K.O.

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