Friday Flashback – July 26, 2011

When packing for a wade in the creek, there’s more to it than just some poles and some dew worms.

Gotta have a good pair of “crick” shoes.

Socks are a good idea as a barrier from debris.

Dad prefers a vest to haul tackle and bait while I go for a tacklebag. Both work fine, your choice.

Hats are good, especially if your hairdo has come to resemble the guys on this fishing trip.

You definitely need some pliers as those drum swallow the hook every time. Dad is always armed with his pair in a holster on his hip.

An extra set of clothes is always a good idea as well for a change at the end of the walk back to the truck.

Water and a sandwich are advised, the latter tastes just fine after a morning creek workout; mud, fish slime, worm dirt and all.

And don’t forget your camera to preserve memories such as those in the slideshow below from 10 years ago this week.


Oh yeah, make sure to clip your fingernails before you go. You can thank me when your day on the creek is done. Talk to you later. Troy

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