Author: Troy Jackson

Top 5 Stats

Back with another look at the numbers as we head towards the mid-point of another Top 5 year.

Bass Totals (largemouth and spotted)

2024 Totals
March = 15 bass
April = 16 bass
May = 11 bass

Top 5 Weight by Month
March = 18-3 (4-6,3-14,3-10,3-4,3-1)
April = 11-0 (2-8,2-7,2-4,2-0,1-13)
May = 14-15 (3-6,3-4,3-0,2-12,2-9)

Boat vs. Bank
Boat = 25 bass
Bank = 17 bass

Boat vs. Bank Weight
Boat = 14-5 (3-4,3-4,2-12,2-9,2-8)
Bank = 17-5 (4-6,3-14,3-10,3-1,2-6)

Public vs. Private
Public = 42 bass
Private = 0 bass

Public vs. Private Top 5 Weight
Public = 18-8 (4-6,3-14,3-10,3-6,3-4)
Private = no submissions

The Baits
Jerkbait = 15 bass (Top Bass 2-8 John Kirkemo)
Chatterbait = 10 bass (Top Bass 4-6 Jim Junk)
Plastic Worm = 5 bass (Top Bass 3-4 Brent Jackson)
Lipless Crankbait = 4 bass (Top Bass 2-6 Jim Junk)
Popper = 3 bass (Top Bass 3-6 Brent Jackson)
Spinnerbait = 2 bass (Top Bass 3-0 Troy Jackson)
Buzzbait = 1 bass (Top Bass 2-9 Troy Jackson)
Crankbait = 1 bass (Top Bass 1-11 Troy Jackson)
Frog = 1 bass (Top Bass 2-1 Troy Jackson)

Monthly Top Bass
4-6 Jim Junk
2-8 John Kirkemo
3-6 Brent Jackson

2024 Top 10 Bass
4-6 Jim Junk 3/3
3-14 Jim Junk 3/18
3-10 Jim Junk 3/3
3-6 Brent Jackson 5/4
3-4 Jayce Jackson 3/31
3-4 Brent Jackson 5/5
3-1 Jim Junk 3/17
3-0 Troy Jackson 5/4
2-12 Troy Jackson 5/8
2-9 Troy Jackson 5/19

Angler Weights
Jim Junk 17-5 (4-6,3-14,3-10,3-1,2-6)
Brent Jackson 13-6 (3-6,3-4,2-7,2-4,2-1)
Troy Jackson 12-12 (3-0,2-12,2-9,2-6,2-1)
John Kirkemo 10-7 (2-8,2-7,2-0,1-13,1-11)
Jayce Jackson 3-4 (3-4)

Other Species

Troy Jackson 3-13 (3-13)

Channel Catfish
John Kirkemo 2-3 (2-3)

John Kirkemo 28” (28”)

Striped Bass
John Kirkemo 6-11 (3-5,2-6,1-0)

Trout (brown and rainbow)
John Kirkemo 24” (12”, 12”)

Just five of us in the Top 5 this year but anyone else is welcome to join and perhaps I can see about putting a few more family members on some fish this summer. Stay tuned and talk to you later. Troy

Hennepin Canal Report – May 31

I took a day off work last Friday to continue my quest to hit a double-digit Top 5 on each stretch of The Canal from Colona to Sheffield. The area I chose sat at a Top 5 Weight of 9-14, so all I needed was a catch to give me a two-ounce boost. While I did not get that bite, I did catch a fair amount of bass along with a first for a bonus species. Read on for the results.

10:59am – Top Bass at 1-5 (14″) on a Senko

Date: May 31
Location: Hennepin Canal
Time: 7:00am-11:30am
Totals: 10 bass, 1 bowfin
Weather: Sunny/breezy, 57-75F
Lures: 5” Yamamoto Senko (pumpkin black flake) – 6 bass, 3.75” Strike King Rage Tail Swimmer (pro blue/red pearl) with 3/8 oz. belly hook – 3 bass, Booyah Buzz Buzzbait (snow white shad) – 1 bass, 5” Yamamoto Senko (blue pearl/silver flake) – 1 bowfin,
Top Bass: 1-5 (Senko)
Top 4 Weight (only 4 at 12” or better): 4-1 (1-5,1-2,0-13,0-13)

Winning Lures

Notes and Nonsense

Senko Success – The Senko wacky rig is arguably my best presentation of all-time, but my use is limited on The Canal as I tend to rely on other lures. The shallow waters of The Canal let me get by with a collection of power presentations and the clarity of much of the water isn’t top notch for the wacky rig. However, it can still get the job done as it saved the day on this outing with half a dozen bass in the last hour and a half on the water.

7:33am- First ever bowfin at 3-13 (23″) on a Senko

Bonus Bowfin – As noted above, the Senko wacky rig was a winner. And not only on bass as it also landed my first ever bowfin. I have wanted to add this species to my list for many years but had come up empty on my two previous hookups. My first encounter was a dozen years ago at the Emiquon Preserve when one threw my spinnerbait at boatside. Just last year, I lost a second one within reach on The Canal when it broke my line after hooking up on a Senko. Luck was on my side on this outing and that’s what it boils down to as the catch was an “accident” while bass fishing.

Species List – The Canal is a wild waterway as there are stretches that harbor a crazy collection of species. On this outing, I landed only two different species (largemouth bass and bowfin) but had a third hooked (green sunfish). However, I also observed several other species over the course of the morning consisting of bluegill, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, common carp, shad, an additional bowfin, and a large freshwater drum. Earlier this week, I saw a social media post with an angler landing a white bass/striper, and two years ago, I landed a sauger. Farther to the east, I have also seen posts of paddlefish and buffalo. Of course, there are also crappie, flathead catfish, and I suspect a couple other panfish species along the way. Suffice to say, The Canal is a unique manmade fishing hole, and I am happy that I chose to start exploring back in 2021.


While I was seeking a 1-11 to knock out a 1-9 and get me to a double-digit Top 5 on this stretch, the best bass I could muster was a 1-5. No help to my quest but adding more bass to my yearly total and a bonus bowfin all made for a successful trip (and better than working, right?). So, at some point I will be back. June starts as a busy month on the family side of things so fishing will take its rightful place a ways down the priority list. But stay tuned as the Top 5 quest will continue along with a few other ideas over the summer. Talk to you later. Troy

Top 5 Update

Quality bass bites to boost any of our anglers’ totals have been hard to come by in the last couple of weeks. However, when you are out there chasing bass on the Hennepin Canal, you never know what might take a liking to your lure. Hence, we added another species to the Top 5 project this week.

Species: Bowfin
Weight: 3-13 (23”)
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: May 31
Weather: Sunny/breezy, 60F
Location: Hennepin Canal
Lure: 5” Yamamoto Senko (blue pearl/silver flake)
Angler Comments: In what I call a bass fishing “accident”, I landed my first ever bowfin. Over the years, I have had a couple others hooked but they managed to get away. An exciting and hard fighting fish that I would welcome on the end of the line any day.
Top 5 Weight: 3-13 (3-13)

This fun, prehistoric catch was a welcome addition to the Top 5. For some reason, the bowfin (also called a “dogfish”) has gained a bad rap over the years as a rough/trash fish. I beg to differ as it is a native species whose ancestors appeared on the scene around 250 million years ago and the hardy bowfin may just outlast us anglers if left to do its thing. Talk to you later. Troy

Hennepin Canal Report – May 25

The Canal is an interesting body of water to fish as there are many choices when deciding where to go. It’s like having thirty long, skinny ponds to choose from within about forty-five minutes from home. This time around, I chose two pools covering two miles of water in an area that showed up as Atkinson on my weather app. I’d fished each a pair of times but was still lacking a few quality bites to push the Top 5 Weight for each pool into double digits.

Date: May 25
Location: Hennepin Canal (two pools)
Time: 6:15am-11:05am
Totals: 11 bass
Weather: Sunny/breezy, 51-70F
Lures: Booyah Buzz Buzzbait (snow white shad) – 4 bass, Strike King Red Eye Shad (red craw) – 3 bass, War Eagle Spinnerbait (chartreuse/white) with Bass Pro Shops Twin Tail trailer (Houdini) – 2 bass, 5” Yamamoto Senko (blue pearl/silver flake) – 1 bass, 3.75” Strike King Rage Tail Swimmer (pro blue/red pearl) with 3/8 oz. belly hook – 1 bass
Top Bass: 1-8 (Spinnerbait)
Top 5 Weight: 5-15 (1-8,1-7,1-3,0-15,0-14)

Winning Lures

Notes and Nonsense

6:26am – First bass and Top Bass at 1-8 (15″) on a spinnerbait

“That’s close enough to perfect for me.”
Close Enough to Perfect – Alabama (1982)
I would say that if you are looking for perfection on a fishing trip, you aren’t going to find it. Like most any endeavor, there are far too many variables for the stars to be precisely aligned. On the positive side of this outing, the gnats were not bad, the water was nearly devoid of cottonwood fuzz, and the wind was manageable for a guy rowing a boat. Room for improvement included poor water clarity, too much sun, and a lack of quality bites. But, hey, I was on the water doing what I enjoy, getting some exercise, fresh air, and peace of mind.

“Losing” lures but they are really “winners”

“He’s a loser but he still keeps on trying.”
Lonesome Loser – Little River Band (1979)
I hit the water armed with six lures tied on to my rods and reels: Senko, chatterbait, lipless crankbait, buzzbait, spinnerbait, and topwater frog. Four of them landed a bass and a swap to a swimbait late in the day also fooled one fish. The “losers” on this trip turned out to be the chatterbait and the topwater frog. Of course, those two baits are not “losers.” Instead, they are vital weapons in my arsenal, just not the ticket on this morning.

8:24am – Top Bass Runner-Up at 1-7 (15″) on a buzzbait

“And there ain’t no road too long, when we meet in the middle.”
Meet in the Middle – Diamond Rio (1991)
Technically, I suppose my version of the lyric would be “ain’t no ‘row’ too long.” One of the stretches that I fished on this trip covers roughly a mile and a quarter between roads/tubes. During my two previous visits, I had launched from the western end and fished about midway down the pool to the east. Therefore, on this outing I elected to put in at the east end and fish west to cover the portion of the pool that I had yet to see. New water is always exciting, but I found more of the same bass in the one-to-one-and-a-half-pound range.


A fair amount of bass was fooled but I still need better bites to hit the double-digit mark for each spot (currently sitting at 6-12 and 8-8). I suspect that those bites are there, just a matter of finding them, so I will be back. Talk to you later. Troy

Hennepin Canal Report – May 19

Back-to-back mornings on The Canal as I chased the bass on a stretch where my Top 5 sat at 7-8. The aim was to fool a few to knock the lighter bass out of my creel and boost the Top 5 weight into double digits.

6:06am – First bass and an impaired eye did not seem to hinder the aim on a buzzbait

Date: May 19
Location: Hennepin Canal
Time: 5:50am-8:20am
Totals: 5 bass
Weather: Sunny/breezy, 64F
Lures: Booyah Buzz Buzzbait (snow white shad) – 5 bass
Top Bass: 2-9 (Buzzbait)
Top 4 Weight (only 4 at 12” or better): 6-2 (2-9,1-10,1-3,0-12)

Winning Lure

6:11am – Top Bass at 2-9 (18″) on a buzzbait

Notes and Nonsense

Buzz and Bust – All five of my bass fell to a buzzbait and all within a one-hour stretch. My first bass was landed at 6:06am, about fifteen minutes after launching the boat. Bass number five came at 7:06am and I never caught another fish in the remaining seventy minutes on the water. Once the sun rose above the tree line, the buzzbait bite was over and I never found a backup bait to get the job done.


Gnasty Gnats – The gnats were less terrible than the previous day but still ugly. It is futile to swat at them or brush them away from your face, so you just must grin and bear it. Which is not always easy to do when they are in your ears, up your nose, between your shades and your eyes, or occasionally breathed into your mouth. Occasionally, though, I must take a slap at some of them, and I have to say that it is quite satisfying to feel one smash in the process. They bite too, but I really didn’t notice it a whole lot at the time. Instead, I now have over a dozen welts on my face, jaw line, ears, and neck from those nasty little bugs. And another thing. I bet that I sneezed a couple dozen times while on the water between the two mornings due to those pesky insects. You just have to decide whether you love fishing more than you hate bugs and that’s a no brainer for me. By the way, I hate lotions, potions, and sprays so thank you in advance for any suggestions, but I likely won’t heed the helpful advice.


The morning did not live up to my expectations and the catches only boosted my overall Top 5 to 9-5. That means a return trip in search of eleven more ounces to reach the ten-pound mark and meet my goal. The bad thing is that this section has a tough “boat ramp” that is littered with poison ivy and bound to get worse as we head into summer. In fact, I got my first dose of it on this outing but fortunately only on a couple fingers. Such are the perils when prowling The Canal. But I plan to be back somewhere on its waters before too long. So, stay tuned and talk to you later. Troy

Hennepin Canal Report – May 18

Last Saturday I took a shot at three adjacent sections of The Canal. Beyond just trying to outsmart some bass, I was also in search of the quality bites needed to meet some Canal goals. For now, I will stick to the regular report format but anticipate a future post outlining just what those Canal goals encompass.

7:57am – Top Bass at 2-1 (16″) on a topwater frog

Date: May 18
Location: Hennepin Canal (three sections)
Time: 6:30am-10:20am
Totals: 17 bass
Weather: Sunny/calm, 61-77F
Lures: War Eagle Spinnerbait (chartreuse/white) with Bass Pro Shops Twin Tail trailer (Houdini) – 8 bass, Spro Flappin Frog 65 (albino) – 8 bass, 5” Yamamoto Senko (blue pearl/silver flake) – 1 bass
Top Bass: 2-1 (Spro Frog)
Top 5 Weight: 7-11 (2-1,1-14,1-7,1-4,1-1)

Winning Lures

Notes and Nonsense

Pool One – A solid start on a return trip to a spot that I had first fished two weeks prior resulted in nine bass from 6:30am-8:15am. A spinnerbait was the ticket around abundant wood as it fooled seven of the nine bass. Rounding out the haul was one short bass on a Senko wacky rig and Top Bass of the Day at 2-1 on a Spro Flappin Frog.

9:10am – Top Bass Runner-up at 1-14 (16″) on a topwater frog

Pool Two – One hour on this section produced five bass, all on the Spro Flappin Frog. I buzzed the frog through any open water between riprap banks and the emerging lily pads to elicit strikes. Top Bass among the five catches weighed in at 1-14.

Pool Three – I wrapped up the morning with three bass in one hour on the last section, two on the frog and one on a War Eagle spinnerbait. Top Bass for the pool was a 1-4 on the frog but I lost another fish in the two-pound range that threw my spinnerbait on the way to the boat.

Video below from 9:02am – My favorite bass of the trip as he was one brave and greedy guy


Synchronized Fishing – My brother, Brent, was on the water at Snakeden Hollow during the same time that I was trying my luck on The Canal. And I’ve got to say that while technology has its pros and cons, it is cool to text real time updates back and forth from thirty-five miles away. I fished slightly longer than Brent this morning, but our totals were quite similar. We each landed seventeen bass. Brent’s Top 5 Weight was 7-1 while mine was 7-11. He got me on Top Bass of the Day with a 2-7 edging out my 2-1.

Logs below – Brent at Snakeden (left), Troy at The Canal (right)

Nature – Mother Nature’s spring fling was on full display. Cottonwood fuzz littered the surface and frequently needed to be removed from lures and lines which can be a challenge at times. The gnats were so bad that I considered calling it quits after about an hour on the water (and mind you, I love fishing). Aquatic vegetation had taken hold affecting lure decisions and presentation as it varies from pool to pool. On a positive note, I did get to observe a Bald Eagle as it flew across The Canal about thirty feet in front of me. Such a cool bird and still a big deal to me even though they aren’t as big a deal in terms of sighting frequency as back in the day.


A successful day on the water although a batch of big bites still eluded me. But The Canal continues to impress as I invest more hours on new spots. And it didn’t take long to return for some more casts as I was back on the water the following day. Stay tuned for that report. Talk to you later. Troy

Hennepin Canal Report – May 10

In keeping with my effort to provide a fishing report for each trip, here is the scoop on a brief hour and a half bike and hike on The Canal. The aim was more of a reconnaissance mission but if you’re going out you might as well take your fishing stuff.

A small largemouth

Date: May 10
Location: Hennepin Canal
Time: 6:10pm-7:40pm
Totals: 2 bass
Weather: Partly cloudy/calm
Lures: 5” Yamamoto Senko (pumpkin black flake) – 2 bass
Top Bass: No keepers
Top 5 Weight: No Keepers

Winning lure

Notes and Nonsense

Gathering Intel – The primary objective of this evening bike ride (with poles included) was to assess the status of this section of The Canal. In my opinion, it has been a wreck for the last two years due to lack of water. The level is controlled by a valve/gate on the downstream end, and it has remained open for quite some time. Last fall, the water was so low that the bottom was visible on nearly the entire two-mile stretch and water covered less than half the width of span. The official explanation stated that the level was dropped to knock down the abundant aquatic vegetation. To me, it is a losing battle by solely dropping the water level. In 2021, I landed a 2-13 and coupled with an 0-14 in 2023, my paltry Top 5 effort consists of two bass weighing a combined 3-11. My two small bass did not help with a boost, but I did see a pair of “keepers” along the way and the water is nearly back to normal pool. Time will tell if/when I take another shot to see if I can find some more “keepers.”


What’s In a Name?
Common Name: Largemouth Bass
Scientific Name: Micropterus salmoides
Taxonomy dictates a scientifically recognized genus species designation to clearly identify organisms and avoid confusion over any regional variance in a common name. As noted below on a screenshot from one of the catches, the closed jaw of a largemouth extends beyond the eye. In contrast, a smallmouth bass jaw will generally be in line with the eye. Thus, while the catches on this outing had small mouths (and every other part of their anatomy), they still qualify as largemouth bass.

Not much else to report beyond saying that the stretch was formerly reported to contain quality bass. Here’s hoping that they found somewhere to hide during the “drought” and survived the low water winters. I have two more Canal trips in the books in a quest to boost the Top 5 Weights on these sections into double digits. Stay tuned for the reports and talk to you later. Troy

Top 5 Update

In my fishing lingo, I refer to bass that make the two-pound mark as “good ones.” Well, this week we have a trio of “good ones” courtesy of two Jackson brothers on three separate outings.

Weight: 2-7
Angler: Brent Jackson
Date: May 18
Location: Snakeden Hollow
Lure: Senko wacky rig
Top 5 Weight: 13-6 (3-6,3-4,2-7,2-4,2-1) culls 2-0

Weight: 2-1
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: May 18
Weather: Sunny/breezy, 67F
Location: Hennepin Canal
Lure: Spro Flappin Frog 65 (albino)
Structure: Lily pads
Angler Comments: I had rowed around The Canal for a mile with decent results but nothing of much size. Wouldn’t you know that I find my best bite of the day within about fifty feet of my truck.

Weight: 2-9
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: May 19
Weather: Sunny/breezy, 64F
Location: Hennepin Canal
Lure: Booyah Buzz Buzzbait (snow white shad)
Structure: Weed edge
Angler Comments: The sunrise buzzbait bite started out hot with this being my second “keeper” of the morning after only twenty minutes on the water. Unfortunately, once the sun rose above the tree line, the bite completely shut down.
Top 5 Weight: 12-12 (3-0,2-12,2-9,2-6,2-1) culls 1-15 and 1-14

A lot of “good ones” this year for our limits but the search continues for some three and four pounders. They are out there, just got to keep on casting. Talk to you later. Troy

Hennepin Canal Report – May 8


Work has been hectic this year, resulting in longer days and weekend duty. For the effort, my boss suggested that I take a weekday off and “go fishing.” No sense arguing with that directive, so I headed to The Canal last Wednesday to try my luck on unfamiliar waters.

Date: May 8
Location: Hennepin Canal (two pools)
Time: 7:50am-10:50am, 1:30pm-4:30pm
Totals: 14 bass
Weather: Sunny to overcast/windy to very windy
Lures: Z-Man Chatterbait (sexy shad) with a Zoom Z Swimbait trailer (electric blue chartreuse) – 10 bass, War Eagle Spinnerbait (chartreuse/white) with Bass Pro Shops Twin Tail trailer (Houdini) – 2 bass, 5” Yamamoto Senko (blue pearl/silver flake) – 2 bass
Top Bass: 2-12
Top 5 Weight: 9-1 (2-12,1-15,1-9,1-7,1-6)

Winning lures

Notes and Nonsense

Row, Cast, Repeat – I chose a destination that would allow me to check another uncharted spot off my Canal quest. The main factor that has kept me off this stretch is that it is devoid of shoreline windbreaks. As the forecast predicted a mere 3-4 mph breeze, it was time to give it a shot. However, I should know better as 2024 has been windy as ever and the weather prognosticators were way off the mark.

8:46am – Top Bass Runner Up at 1-15 (16″) on a Senko

Dirty Water – In addition to the wind factor, the water was quite dirty due to recent rains. The Canal does have a green color in this area, but the cleaner green was replaced by a dingier green. I’ve got to admit that the wind and clarity gave me fits and the bass weren’t cooperative. I fought the challenging conditions for three hours and three bass before deciding to switch to Plan B.

2:53pm – Crooked Canal bass, may have been a “keeper” if straight

Plan B – My aim was to head east to another unexplored stretch once I had taken a shot at my initial destination. Unfortunately, the water clarity got worse as I drove east and checked a pair of spots. Therefore, I headed west for Plan C.

4:04pm – Top Bass at 2-12 (18″) on a chatterbait

Plan C – I ended up on a stretch that I had only partially explored by boat and bank for a few hours. The wind was still ugly, but the water clarity was improved, and I had driven enough that it was time to get back in the boat. Three hours produced eleven bass, a welcome improvement over my three bass morning shift. Included in my haul were four of the day’s Top 5 and Top Bass of 2-12.


Endangered Species – As I ended my day, I ran into a rare sight, someone who reads my blog. I believe that we had met previously on a winter hike while scouting a mile or so upstream. On this afternoon we swapped Canal information and experiences as I rowed near the ramp. Once I reached dry ground, we chatted a bit more and I was able to witness the angler land a bass on a topwater propbait just before I hit the road. It’s always fun to chat with fellow Canal anglers and I was happy to see his success on a topwater presentation. I’d employed a similar bait throughout the day and never got a single strike. It’s good to know that I am not wasting my time throwing such a lure too early. I guess that I just need to work on my touch and keep plugging away.

4:30pm – Last cast bass, a good way to call it a day

A slow start followed by a change of scenery saved the day. I only managed three “keepers” on my first stop which means a return trip in the future to complete a Top 5. In contrast, I did complete a Top 5 on the second stretch. However, the 8-7 Top 5 Weight leaves me within striking distance of the ultimate goal of a double-digit Top 5 from each section of The Canal. So, I guess that I will pencil in both stretches for future visits. Talk to you later. Troy

Top 5 Update

Three more fish join the ranks this week as a pair of anglers expand to some new water. One guy is exploring a 56,000-acre reservoir while the other guy is checking off sections of a one-hundred-mile canal. Both are imposing tasks and both anglers are reaping the rewards of their efforts.

Fish: Hybrid striped bass
Weight: 1-12
Angler: John Kirkemo
Date: May 12, 2024
Weather: Setting sun with high thin clouds.
Water temperature: 77 degrees
Location: Lake Hartwell, SC at Hartwell State Park
Lure: Black and silver 3 ½ inch shallow running Rapala
Comments: I finished my evening fishing on Lake Hartwell near Tugaloo State Park in Georgia across the lake from my campsite at Hartwell state Park, SC. I stowed the trolling motor and started the outboard for the run across the lake to camp. As I neared the entrance to the small bay where the campsite is found, I noticed a fish feeding on the surface about 15 yards ahead on the port side. The water depth was 56 feet. I slowed down and put the engine in neutral. The boat continued to move at a slow and diminishing rate of speed. The disturbed water caused by the feeding fish had settled down, but I cast the Rapala to where I thought I had seen the feeding fish. I had not started the retrieve when, suddenly, I saw a fish causing a disturbance on the surface about 10 yards from the boat. As I watched I saw my lure go flying in the air above a fish thrashing on the surface. The lure fell back in the water and the fish took it. Hybrid striped bass are strong fish, and this fish made several runs taking line each time. It tried going under the boat, but I was able to get him to the net. I was surprised the fish only weighed 1 lbs.12 oz., because he fought like a much bigger fish.
Top 5 Weight: 8-7 (3-5,2-6,1-12,1-0)

Weight: 2-12 (18″)
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: May 8
Weather: Overcast/very windy
Location: Hennepin Canal
Lure: Z-Man Chatterbait (sexy shad) with Keitech Swing Impact Swimbait trailer (electric blue & chartreuse)
Structure: Log
Angler Comments: An isolated log on an extended flat is always worth a few casts. This time around, it only took one.

Weight: 1-15 (16″)
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: May 8
Weather: Sunny/very windy
Location: Hennepin Canal
Lure: 5” Yamamoto Senko wacky rig (blue pearl/black & hologram)
Structure: Reeds/riprap
Angler Comments: This was a bite on a classic structure combo with large chunk riprap along a stretch of reeds breaking up an otherwise bland bank.
Top 5 Weight: 11-15 (3-0,2-12,2-6,1-15,1-14) culls a pair at 1-11

Another fine update and stay tuned for the full report covering the May 8 prowl on The Canal. Talk to you later. Troy