An Inside Look At A Fishing Outing

I’m a simple guy so a look inside the cab of my truck is a bit embarrassing due to the amount of stuff packed along for the November 17 fishing trip. However, it is all absolutely necessary as shown and described below.

1. Lucky sweatshirt and flannel that are probably older than my high school senior daughter. It would be interesting to see how many fishing pics that sweatshirt and it’s twin have appeared in over the decades.

2. Cooler containing the standard sandwich, a couple bottles of water or tea and a Ziploc baggie of ice.

3. Chocolate in my favorite forms. M&Ms and a Cosmic Brownie.

4. My fancy GoPro bag containing two cameras, two chest mounts, a zipper case and two extra batteries.

5. Stocking hat as a balding head can get a bit chilly this time of the year.

6. Utility box that hadn’t made it into my tackle backpack in my lazy, last-minute packing.

7. Unsweetened iced tea, a steady companion on any drives. I can last about an hour until I need to make the resultant pit stop (this morning in the parking lot of The Victoria Pheasant Habitat Area).

8. Masks, although my smalltown drink stops along the way have apparently eradicated COVID.

9. Floppy hat as a balding head is not a good match in the event there is sunlight and warm weather. Neither applied on this day.

10. A bag with a bag of chips, another component of the standard fare on a fishing trip.

11. Backpack which contains my “just in case I fall in the lake” change of clothes. Overall, the balance is still there but feeling it slip a bit and always wise to be prepared in the event of a swim.

12. Boots come in handy when launching and loading the little boat. In addition, they are good at keeping the feet warm when paired with some decent socks. Unfortunately, those socks were at home in a drawer resulting in a mid-morning truck break with the heater turned up.

13. A clipboard for notes seems odd when you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket (or baggie when on the water). But ever since making a clipboard in Churchill Junior High shop class, we’ve been tight.

There you go, every item important. Perhaps someday we’ll take a look inside the tackleboxes and the horde of “can’t leave home without” lures. I use about a dozen of them. But you never know when you might need that certain bait. Talk to you later. Troy

2 thoughts on “An Inside Look At A Fishing Outing

  1. Troy, you might be saying ” We’re going to need a bigger cab.” ( borrowed from one of the all-time great movies, Jaws ) if you take the kids fishing! You and the family have a great Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday. K.O.

    1. K.O., thanks for the read and the comment. Indeed the need for a bigger cab as it is a different ballgame these days when the three Jackson boys pack in for an outing. And by next spring, when we hit the water again, I’m sure they will have grown even more. Happy Thanksgiving as well and great to hear from you.

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