Record Book Roundup – April 3 Preview

An added feature on the blog and the fishing trips this year is a look inside the record book. My aim is to give you some stats for my upcoming destination(s) and give me and my fishing partners some targets to shoot for in terms of Top Bass and all-time Top 5 Weight for the bodies of water (plus I dig stats and fishing pics).

Some of the lakes have “real” names while others have been given names for assorted reasons, which is a whole other blog series. At any rate, here is the scoop on the next fishing holes on my radar.

(NOTE: Top 5 weights are combined catches with fishing partners)

Maiden Lake (2013-present)
Top Bass: 4-0 Brent Jackson 4/2/21 Crankbait
Best Top 5 Day: 5-12 (4-0,1-12) 4/2/21 with Brent 1.00 hours
All-Time Top 5 Weight: 11-10 (4-0,2-5,1-14,1-12,1-11)

2X4 Lake (2013-present)
Top Bass: 4-3 Troy Jackson 9/29/13 Stickbait
Best Top 5 Day: 11-7 (4-2,3-0,1-9,1-7,1-5) 4/12/14 with Brent 1.50 hours
All-Time Top 5 Weight: 19-12 (4-3,4-2,4-0,4-0,3-7)

Kentucky Lake (2013-present)
Top Bass: 2-8 Troy Jackson 9/26/21 Spinnerbait
Best Top 5 Day: 7-10 (2-5,1-9,1-7,1-4,1-1) 9/29/13 with Brent 0.75 hours
All-Time Top 5 Weight: 10-0 (2-8,2-3,2-1,1-13,1-7)

Molar Lake (2013-present)
Top Bass: 3-5 Troy Jackson 9/29/13 Jerkbait
Best Top 5 Day: 5-8 (3-5,1-4,0-15) 9/29/13 with Brent 0.75 hours
All-Time Top 5 Weight: 12-0 (3-5,3-2,2-0,1-13,1-12)

From here, it is just a matter of getting on the water and taking a shot. Here’s hoping to do that real soon. Stay tuned for a Top 5 Update and the latest fishing report, complete with any updated record book data. Talk to you later. Troy

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