Record Book Roundup-April 10 Preview

As mentioned in a previous entry, a 2022 feature will involve delving into the all-time record book for some stats on the spots that we’ve fished over the years. Last weekend’s trip with Brent resulted in three new entries that boosted the all-time Top 5 weights for three fishing holes. So, maybe the concept is good luck. Time will tell as the spots listed below are potential targets for an upcoming strip mine prowl.

(NOTE: Top 5 weights may represent combined catches with fishing partners)

Twin Lake (2013-present)
Top Bass: 4-6 Troy Jackson 4/12/14 Jig
Best Top 5 Day: 5-7 (4-6,1-1) 4/12/14 0.50 hours
All-Time Top 5 Weight: 10-11 (4-6,1-14,1-10,1-9,1-4)

Horseshoe Lake (2013-present)
Top Bass: 3-13 Brent Jackson 9/29/14 Spinnerbait
Best Top 5 Day: 6-6 (3-13,1-1,0-12,0-12) 9/21/14 with Brent 1.00 hours
All-Time Top 5 Weight: 10-15 (3-13,3-8,1-4,1-3,1-3)

Cedar Lake (2014-present)
Top Bass: 1-11 Troy Jackson 5/3/20 Plastic Worm
Best Top 5 Day: 4-12 (1-9,1-1,1-1,1-1) 9/21/14 with Brent 0.50 hours
All-Time Top 5 Weight: 6-9 (1-11,1-9,1-3,1-1,1-1)

The Craters (2011-2017)
Top Bass: 1-12 Troy Jackson 3/31/13 Jig
Best Top 5 Day: 5-2 (1-12,1-6,1-3,0-13) 3/31/13 2.00 hours
All-Time Top 5 Weight: 7-3 (1-12,1-8,1-6,1-5,1-4)

In addition to these spots, there may be a few others that may get some casts depending on how the day develops. Stay tuned for the next fishing report to see if any of the waters get a boost. And tune in on Monday for a Top 5 Update that you don’t want to miss. Talk to you later. Troy

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