Top 5 Stats

Back with another look at the numbers as we head towards the mid-point of another Top 5 year.

Bass Totals (largemouth and spotted)

2024 Totals
March = 15 bass
April = 16 bass
May = 11 bass

Top 5 Weight by Month
March = 18-3 (4-6,3-14,3-10,3-4,3-1)
April = 11-0 (2-8,2-7,2-4,2-0,1-13)
May = 14-15 (3-6,3-4,3-0,2-12,2-9)

Boat vs. Bank
Boat = 25 bass
Bank = 17 bass

Boat vs. Bank Weight
Boat = 14-5 (3-4,3-4,2-12,2-9,2-8)
Bank = 17-5 (4-6,3-14,3-10,3-1,2-6)

Public vs. Private
Public = 42 bass
Private = 0 bass

Public vs. Private Top 5 Weight
Public = 18-8 (4-6,3-14,3-10,3-6,3-4)
Private = no submissions

The Baits
Jerkbait = 15 bass (Top Bass 2-8 John Kirkemo)
Chatterbait = 10 bass (Top Bass 4-6 Jim Junk)
Plastic Worm = 5 bass (Top Bass 3-4 Brent Jackson)
Lipless Crankbait = 4 bass (Top Bass 2-6 Jim Junk)
Popper = 3 bass (Top Bass 3-6 Brent Jackson)
Spinnerbait = 2 bass (Top Bass 3-0 Troy Jackson)
Buzzbait = 1 bass (Top Bass 2-9 Troy Jackson)
Crankbait = 1 bass (Top Bass 1-11 Troy Jackson)
Frog = 1 bass (Top Bass 2-1 Troy Jackson)

Monthly Top Bass
4-6 Jim Junk
2-8 John Kirkemo
3-6 Brent Jackson

2024 Top 10 Bass
4-6 Jim Junk 3/3
3-14 Jim Junk 3/18
3-10 Jim Junk 3/3
3-6 Brent Jackson 5/4
3-4 Jayce Jackson 3/31
3-4 Brent Jackson 5/5
3-1 Jim Junk 3/17
3-0 Troy Jackson 5/4
2-12 Troy Jackson 5/8
2-9 Troy Jackson 5/19

Angler Weights
Jim Junk 17-5 (4-6,3-14,3-10,3-1,2-6)
Brent Jackson 13-6 (3-6,3-4,2-7,2-4,2-1)
Troy Jackson 12-12 (3-0,2-12,2-9,2-6,2-1)
John Kirkemo 10-7 (2-8,2-7,2-0,1-13,1-11)
Jayce Jackson 3-4 (3-4)

Other Species

Troy Jackson 3-13 (3-13)

Channel Catfish
John Kirkemo 2-3 (2-3)

John Kirkemo 28” (28”)

Striped Bass
John Kirkemo 6-11 (3-5,2-6,1-0)

Trout (brown and rainbow)
John Kirkemo 24” (12”, 12”)

Just five of us in the Top 5 this year but anyone else is welcome to join and perhaps I can see about putting a few more family members on some fish this summer. Stay tuned and talk to you later. Troy

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Stats

  1. You guys are doing well! Hey Troy, here is a question for you – I popped over to the canal yesterday along the “feeder creek” portion, and I was surprised that all of the water was complete chocolate milk. I stopped at two other locations over by Sheffield – same thing. I figured “oh well the water must be really dirty here because there is a creek coming in,” but then I remembered we had some good rain the night before. Have you ever noticed the canal getting “blown out” like a creek does after a big rain – or is that not an issue? The visibility was completely zero, and I haven’t seen the water that dirty this year but I haven’t been to the canal right after any big rain, either… curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. Earlier this year, I intended to fish the second leg of a morning outing over between Annawan and Mineral. It was also after a heavy rain a day or two prior and the water looked liked you are describing. As a result, I turned my truck around and headed back to the Geneseo area to find some cleaner (and greener) water. This year, I have spent more time over that direction and I do find the water to have more color the further east I travel. Colona past Geneseo has much better clarity in my experience. So, my guess is that the rains were the cause of the chocolate milk look although that water has more color to begin with. I have only fished Sheffield once (June 20, 2023) and it was also dingy but I don’t recall if there had been any recent rains. I guess i need some more research and I am all about that.

      1. Thanks Troy – that is very interesting and I appreciate your insight! Your website and comments have been very helpful as I have tried to learn more about this unique fishery. It seems like you really have it dialed in. I have never been as far as Geneseo but maybe I should plan to head out there some time… I’d be curious to see the water clarity difference(s). Would you suggest a small kayak or a jon boat for this exploratory mission?

        I think next week I will try to launch in the feeder creek and work my way down to the feeder basin to see if I can catch any fish or if I strike out. We’ll see! Please lemme know what you think and talk soon!

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