Top 5 Update

Our first submissions for July consist of a quality bass a new species.

Weight: 2-15
Angler: Brent Jackson
Date: July 6
Location: Knox County public strip pit
Lure: Scum frog (natural green & yellow)
Editor’s Comments: Brent reported that he was on the water for about two and a half hours and landed ten bass. The above fish was his Top Bass and his Top 5 for the trip tipped the scales at 8-1.
Top 5 Weight: 15-12 (3-12,3-6,3-4,2-15,2-7) culls 2-7

Species: Freshwater Drum
Weight: 2-10 (19.5”)
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: July 7
Weather: Overcast/breezy, 75F
Location: Hennepin Canal
Lure: Strike King Red Eye Shad (sexy shad)
Angler Comments: For a brief time, I thought that I finally had my first four-pound bass on The Canal but not quite. No matter, a worthy fight, and a new species for the Top 5.
Top 5 Weight: 2-10 (2-10)

Good to see Brent getting a summer strip mine bite and always a treat when they are hitting topwater baits. As far as The Canal entry, the drum was a rewarding catch as bites have been hard to come by when chasing bass. The Canal is an interesting place with several reports from recent trips in the works. Talk to you later. Troy

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