Friday Flashback – April 6, 2010


This week marks ten years of being a “public” blogger and it all started with the introductory post below on a now defunct website called Prairie State Outdoors. The ten years also included a stint at Heartland Outdoors before kicking off my own thing in May 2017.

Originally Posted 4-6-10 as “The First Step”

My name is Troy and I have a writing problem.

In fact, my selection of a name for this blog, “Meandering”, is partially meant to poke fun at my customary writing style since I sometimes find myself “wandering aimlessly or casually without destination.” In addition, a “meander” can be defined as “a winding path or course” as well as “a turn or winding of a stream;” been there and done that too. My wife actually went as far as suggesting the name, “To Make a Short Story Long” (she thinks she’s funny like that).

But it’s tough to dispute her point as originally I had composed a series of six introductory postings that totaled nearly nine printed pages and approached 5,000 words. However, upon consulting my free blog advisor (yes, my wife), it was decided that such an approach was perhaps a bit much. Therefore, I will tone things down, spread things out and take my time. Here is the abridged version of the six original postings to get things started.

Who? Generally me, my family, my friends, some fish, some fur, some fungus

What? Fishing, trapping, camping, mushrooming and occasional strange inspiration

When? Somewhere between frequently and sparsely as time allows

Where? Mostly our neck of the woods

How? Rather cheap, often behind the times and not too seriously

Why? Good question, stay tuned

Okay, well, it was nice to meet everyone, thank you for your time and please check back for the remaining 4,700 words because sooner or later they gotta come out.

And just a few more than 4,700 words later, here we are and still going strong. Talk to you later. Troy

4 thoughts on “Friday Flashback – April 6, 2010

  1. I might be funny like that, but you are an amazing writer. Cheers to 10 more years of your writing problem.

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