15 Bass on The Hennepin Canal-Part I

Most folks my age and beyond likely recall singing along to an old ditty relating to navigating “Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal.” Such a place was far, far away to this midwestern grade schooler in the 1970s, and geographically it still is a ways away all of these years later. However, I do have a contemporary of the Erie Canal in my neck of the woods that I have been exploring since June of 2021. I’ll save the history and comparisons for another time, as what we are exploring today are some fishing highlights from last year.

I give you Part I of “Fifteen Bass on The Hennepin Canal”, a series of clips featuring catches from the historic waterway. My 2022 fishing on The Canal covered fifteen stretches of water as I divide The Canal into sections using roadways, tubes, locks, siphons, aqueducts, and bridges as dividers. This allows me to document my catches more precisely. More on all that some other time, as well.

For now, have a look at the first of two YouTube clips featuring video of one catch from each of the fifteen locations. Some stretches I fished only once, some several times, and some many times. The catches in the clips do not feature the largest bass from each section as the Top 5 Canal Bass deserve a post and video of their own.

Stay tuned for Part II featuring eight more catches from eight more stretches. Talk to you later. Troy

2 thoughts on “15 Bass on The Hennepin Canal-Part I

  1. Dude – this is SWEET! I just drove over the canal 2 days ago and saw a boat in there. I had no idea you could put a small boat in and fish the canal. You still fish it often? Is it worth the trip or is it hit or miss? Lots of boat / fishing traffic or pretty remote? I’m going to check your other vids as well… this is super cool.

    1. I use a small johnboat and can get it in most anywhere on The Canal although some spots get tough. First fished The Canal in June 2021 and solely from the bank via hiking and biking. Fished it a lot in 2022 and primarily by boat. This year, I fished it a lot through July (boat and bank) before shifting my focus to a collection of public strip mines. The Canal is fun and I consider it a solid fishing destination. Each pool has a little something different and I like to get out and explore new stretches when I have time to wander. Lots of water, a series of long (and short), narrow lakes separated by locks. berms, and tubes. I have yet to find a four-pounder but reliable sources verify that there are some in there. Lots of two- to three-pound fish in my experience. Don’t encounter too many other anglers, especially when you get away from the nearby towns.

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