Top 5 Update

I say this every year and will say it again. Don’t put those fishing poles away just yet as there are plenty more bites to be had and a solid chance to give your Top 5 a boost. I actually got to join the fun last weekend and added a few ounces courtesy of a hike around the strip mines.

Weight: 2-12
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: September 12
Weather: Partly cloudy/breezy
Location: Knox County, IL public strip pit
Lure: Chatterbait (bluegill) with Zako trailer (smoke)
Structure: Flat/drop
Angler Comments: My first cast on the second stop at some walk-in strip mines had me pretty fired up that I’d found the right spot. No such luck on more big bass though as this one would be as good as it got for the evening.
Top 5 Weight: 17-11 (4-12,4-0,3-11,2-12,2-8) culls a 2-7

I haven’t been able to post a 20-pound limit since 2017 but the possibility of return to the club is within reach. Here’s hoping that the handful of trips I have in mind can add those additional 37 ounces to my creel. Good luck if you get out and keep me posted. Talk to you later. Troy

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