Top 5 Update

Looks like it has been nearly a month since the last Top 5 Update but not for lack of fishing from a personal standpoint. During the Top 5 absence I logged four trips, 18 hours and 60 bass before I found one that could boost my total.

Weight: 3-9
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: October 12
Weather: Sunny/very windy, 67F
Water Temp: 66F
Location: Lake Storey – Knox County, IL
Lure: Strike King Squarebill crankbait (natural pumpkinseed)
Structure: Riprap/drop
Angler Comments: After being battered by the winds all morning, I found a slightly protected stretch of bank to end my day. Also found this solid bite about 50 minutes before I called it a day. Proof that you need to hang in there and keep on casting as your best bites may be later in the day, especially during the fall.
Top 5 Weight: 18-12 (4-12,4-0,3-11,3-9,2-12) culls a 2-8

It appears that my 20-pound mark may elude me again unless I happen onto an even four pounder. The plan is always to take a shot at a November bass before I call it a year so we’ll see if an outing materializes and what shows up. Talk to you later. Troy

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