Friday Flashback – August 2006 & 2011

Among the open water months of the year in my neck of the woods, I would rank August as my least favorite. Several factors come into play beginning with school getting back in session earlier than ever. With it comes a series of priorities that take precedence over fishing as the family gets back in the swing of things.

On top of back to school, throw in the dog days of summer. Granted, the bass are still there but often they get a little tougher for me to fool in the hot, sunny conditions that mark mid-summer.

Of course, there is a saying that “the best time to go fishing is anytime you can.” And for today’s Friday Flashback, I offer up some Snakeden Hollow examples to demonstrate that quality fish can still show up when you take a shot at beating the August heat (particularly at the end of the month).


Talk to you later. Troy

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