Lure Lunacy Semi-Finals

Well, the results are in a bit later than anticipated but I spent yesterday afternoon and most of the evening actually putting some lures to use during a much needed fishing trip. In fact, all of the lures below got in on the act. But that’s another story or two for next week.

For today, it’s a look at how the semi-final contests went down as I throw in yet a couple more new wrinkles. Results were recorded lakeside during my fishing trip and the videos feature the Top 4 bass for each lure since we have reached the Final Four.
(Disclaimer: a pair of jig bass were not included due to no existing photo for one catch and I failed to confirm permission to use another photo with the angler).



Blue Glimmer (Storey Region #3) vs. Red Eye Shad (Emiquon Region #2)
Matchup: Both of these baits were kind of next generation lures for their lure type. The Blue Glimmer (actually 3/8 oz. Stanley Vibra Shaft Spinnerbait in the Blue Glimmer pattern) took over spinnerbait duties in the 90s from the old Mann’s Hank Parker models. The Red Eye Shad assumed the lipless crankbait role back in 2011 taking over from the Rapala Rattlin’ Rap.
Result: While the Red Eye Shad moves towards ten years of consistent production, the Blue Glimmer has resurfaced with a bit of reconstruction via skirt replacement to do battle again. Therefore, the former disadvantage faced by the Blue Glimmer long being out of production is no longer a hindrance. As a result, the tried and true old school bait pulls off a mild upset as it’s slightly slower pace and potential structure hugging ability derail the fast moving lipless crankbait.


Jig & Pig (Little John Region #1) vs. Senko Wacky Rig (Snakeden Region #1)
Matchup: This pair of lures feature a hand-off of sorts that works out to cover the fishing calendar with some solid bass catching potential. The jig & pig shines in the early, cold water period before stepping aside as the water warms when April moves along. From there the Senko steps up as a bass fooling machine through the summer before handing over the reins to the jig and pig to finish off the year.
Result: Both of these lures received #1 seeds for a reason and their variations in seasonal effectiveness make for a tough matchup. There’s no doubt that I’ll have a jig & pig on to start and finish the year but the Senko flat out changed the way I fish. Particularly on the strip mines where I do a great deal of my casting. This is one presentation that lived up to the hype and that makes it the winner in this battle.

The Lure Lunacy Final is set with an old legend looking to take down a new legend. Lots of log entries with these two lures so it is certainly a match full of memories. One more walk down Memory Lane slated for Monday will determine which lure takes home the Lure Lunacy title. Hope you’ll tune in for the finale. Talk to you later. Troy

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