Top 5 Update

This week’s update is as easy as 1-2-3. As in bass in the one-pound, two-pound, and three-pound range for a trio of anglers. And, once again, we get a map of one catch which is always a winning addition.

Weight: 1-3
Angler: John Kirkemo
Date: June 21
Weather: Early morning sun with east wind.
Air Temp: In the 60s
Water Temp: 77F
Location: West Central Illinois public water
Lure: Wacky worm
Angler Comments: Not many quality hits in the three hours I fished. Hooked a fish on the fourth or fifth cast of the day but he got off. Finally got some quality hits in a shady area in three to four feet of water.
Top 5 Weight: 6-4 (2-4,1-15-1-3,0-14)

Weight: 2-0
Angler: Brent Jackson
Date: June 24
Location: Knox County private strip mine
Lure: Senko wacky rig
Top 5 Weight: 14-14 (3-8,2-15,2-13,2-13,2-13)

Weight: 3-2
Angler: Troy Jackson
Date: June 24
Weather: Sunny/breezy
Location: Knox County public strip mine
Lure: 5” Yamasenko wacky rig (natural shad)
Structure: Weed pocket
Angler Comments: Probing weed pockets with a Senko wacky rig produced all of my bass on this outing, including this Top Bass of the day.
Top 5 Weight: 20-15 (5-3,4-10,4-2,3-9,3-7)

Good stuff as summer started right off with a taste of the dog days as temperatures hit the nineties. As evidenced by the details of the catches above, you just can’t go wrong with the good, old wacky rig. Plenty of reports and additional fishing stuff to come as time permits. Talk to you later. Troy

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